Married in Cleveland

This weekend K and I headed to Cleveland to celebrate the holy matrimony of a college friend/roommate and her fabulous man. Amanda and John are two of the classiest human beings I know. John is the definition of "Renaissance Man" and Amanda is a pie-baking, dress-wearing, tea-loving feminist. They are also two of the smartest,… Continue reading Married in Cleveland


7 Years & 7 Pieces of Marital Advice

My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in April, but my old-favorite anniversary is October 21st. Seven years ago K & I started dating (and 3 years ago he proposed!). Needless to say, today is the day that started it all. Seven isn't a celebratory number, but considering we got here without any break-ups… Continue reading 7 Years & 7 Pieces of Marital Advice


A little bit of everything…

Hey! Hopefully you're willing to invest in this blog-relationship with me! I said "goodbye" to 23 three days ago and I'm ready to take on 24 (years old) with new recipes, devotionals, advice, organization tricks, pet adventures, and, someday, parenting trials. I'm so excited to kick this off and share my travels, tricks, and triumphs… Continue reading A little bit of everything…