This weekend K and I spent some time in Indianapolis, Indiana on a business trip. As I've mentioned, K owns a business. He designs and fabricates steel carts for the competitive and orchestral music market. It's a nationally-recognized business and we showed off our gear at the 2014 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC). We… Continue reading Indianapolis!

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Thankful Fridays

Usually I do this November-activity on Facebook, but I figured doing it here would motivate me to blog! (At least there will be a weekly post... haha.) I try to be thankful every day but by recognizing that which makes me blessed I have a better appreciation for my life and the people I share… Continue reading Thankful Fridays

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Actual Jell-O Shots

For my Halloween party I made Jell-O shots in a syringe. They're a smaller dose of shot-y goodness, but they are SO much easier than running your finger (or tongue) around the edge of the shot glass. These are super easy and they make a TON since it's such a small dose. At your local… Continue reading Actual Jell-O Shots

Food & Drink, Holidays & Celebrations!

My Favorite Holiday: Halloween!

Alright, let's say my favorite non-religious holiday. I love Christmas Eve A LOT so they might tie... For Halloween this year I threw a party and invited all the coolest people! (Last year we had a murder mystery party, but I was a little less dictator-like this year and allowed my guests to dress as… Continue reading My Favorite Holiday: Halloween!