Why I’m Listening to Christmas Music

Good Morning!

Fun little fact about me: I love all different types of music. Some days I’m in the mood for pop and sometimes I want country. When I’m working I usually stick to 40s/50s jazz. I also tend to listen to instrumental tracks, Disney tunes, and classical music. Occasional I even get into rap/R&B, but that’s rare. Anyway, today I took the plunge and clicked on my “Christmas” playlist on Pandora instead of my typical Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole jazz.

Xmas Music

Today is November 6th. We are still 24 days away from December and double that until Christmas day (here’s a countdown). My husband is one of those people that would their eyes at me, but I feel totally justified.


First of all, I’m a Christian and I am well aware of the reason for the season. I put effort into finding the perfect gifts for everyone, but deep down my favorite part of the season is going to church in the evening on December 24th. Quite frankly I love the warm glow of the fire, the tinsel-and-pine decorated town, and blustery snow weather that comes with late fall/winter. I feel especially thankful in November and extra kind in December. Why not combine those feelings into one big, long holiday celebration?!

PERFECTION.  I hate when my food touches.
I hate when my food touches.

Let’s be clear: By no means do I skip Thanksgiving. I am a turkey-consuming, stuffing-loving, wine-and-pumpkin-pie kind of girl. I love eating 3-4 Thanksgiving meals (all our families live in town) and then collapsing on the floor- it’s the greatest. All I’m saying is why can’t I have stockings hung by the fire and a wreath on the door while I stuff my face? I can! I firmly believe Tom the Turkey and Santa Claus are good pals. Also, wasn’t Jesus born in fall or March or something? So our calendar is all jumbled and screwy anyway.

If you walk into my office, you’re going to hear The Rat Pack serenading me with some Christmas tunes. I’ll wait until Thanksgiving to put up my tree, though…

What are your thoughts on Thanksgiving vs. December?



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