Thankful Fridays

Nov 8: I am thankful for aunts and uncles and cousins. I only have 4 first-cousins, 2 aunts, and 3 uncles, but I’m so lucky to know my family and spend time with them.

Nov 9: I am thankful for children. Three months from today my BEST FRIEND & her hubs are due with their first baby. I am SO STINKING EXCITED to hold, cuddle, babysit, spoil, and love on their baby girl. What a blessing it is for them to bring a baby into the world- and I’m so thankful to be a small part of her/their lives!

She’s further along now, but I love her countdown!

Nov 10: Today I am thankful for technology because it allows me to stay connected with friends all over the country and world. I have friends in Ohio and Arizona and Japan and all over. Without technology I wouldn’t be able to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my long time friend Aubrey!

I've known this lady since 5th grade- we were 11. Now we're 24. WHAT HAPPENED?
I’ve known this lady since 5th grade- we were 11. Now we’re 24. WHAT HAPPENED?

Nov 11: Today I am thankful for my grandfathers, my uncle, my brother-in-law, and all the veterans that have dedicated so much to our country and our safety. I will never have the mental or physical strength that it takes to defend our freedom. Thank you to all those who have served, do serve, and will serve.


Nov 12: On days they drive me craziest, I am most thankful for my dogs. Lylee and Enzo are K’s and my world. We don’t have human-children and they are filling that gap nicely right now. Despite the death and destruction they brought upon my comforter today, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

photo 2

Nov 13: I am thankful for siblings. I only have one brother, but when I married K I gained another brother and a sister (and a niece and nephews)! Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Josh!

Nov 14: Today is my dad’s 50th birthday. (I know, lots of birthdays this week.) With each passing day I realize more and more how lucky I am to be born to my mom and dad. I have learned so much from my parents and I continue to do so every day. My dad is the most hardworking, honest, funny, compassionate person I know. They say little girls look for someone like their father and I see a resemblance between K and my dad every day- my dad taught me what to look for in a partner. We’re celebrating with dinner and some fun tonight (he doesn’t know the plan..shhhh) and I hope he has a fabulous 50th year! Love you, Dad!




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