Goodbye 2014

Last night I finished scrapbooking our honeymoon and I begin the book for our first year of marriage. I’m more than halfway done because a year ago for Christmas my sister-in-law gave me a pre-made scrapbook. The book looks AWESOME because she’s 10xs more creative and better at the hobby than I am. Oh well, I try.

scrapbookSo while I’m doing this I’m taking breaks and looking through Facebook. I saw posts about pregnancy, new houses, new jobs, and engagements, and, while I absolutely hate change, I feel nothing but jealous of all the big changes in everyone’s lives! K and I have been married for a year +, we’ve both settled into our jobs, we won’t be moving for a few years, and we’re not ready for kids yet- but I want a brand new sparkly adventure, toooooo.

Then I started flipping through my recently finished/started picture books. Dang, we live a fulfilling life. Nothing confirms that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be than revisiting what got you there in the first place. Why am I so bitter? Instead of this material lust I should be feeling genuine joy for others!

happiness 2Right now I’m camped out in this mental state of serenity. I’m so ready for 2015 and I’m feeling motivated to building upon the foundation that K and I have worked so hard to create. This year I want to keep the toxic pressure away and focus on what’s best for us. I think this means moving at the right pace, encouraging others, and celebrating each little victory as it happens.

I don’t have “resolutions” for 2015. I don’t want to drop 20 pounds or run a 5K. I’m not going to post organization lists or start a rigorous financial plan. I have goals that include all these things, but I don’t want my year to be defined by these things. (Did you know that only 8% of people that make resolutions keep them/meet them?!) My 2015 is going to progress one day at a time and my 2015 Promise is to experience each day and make the most of it. No more “I can’t wait until Friday/summer/Christmas/etc.” Each day is just as important, fulfilling, and memorable as the next.

Bring on 2015 ❤

happiness 1 -Louise

Holiday Pet Guide

Happy Holidays! This time of year can be happy, hopeful, relaxing, stressful, or hectic- it all depends on what you make of it. Hopefully your holidays are a time of relaxation and celebration! I don’t know about you, but I have two furry family members that partake in our Christmas festivities. My babes are getting lots of gifts and love this season,  but it’s important to remember some pet-related tips this holiday…

dog snoopy

1. Keep an eye on the table scraps
There are foods that dogs and humans can share, but during the holidays we tend to bring out the more toxic yummys. Dog should not consume caffeine, beer, wine (no grapes!), nuts, certain holiday spices, chocolate, and anything with a garlic or onion base! Also, chicken bones are a no-no for any animal.

dog snoopy 2

2. Plant life can be hazardous (and so can everything else)
My dogs love to chew on sticks and mulch so we have to keep a close eye on our tree. Additionally, poinsettias are poisonous to dogs, cats, children, etc. Be smart about your decorations- tinsel, ribbon, fake snow, and garland can all be big problems if you own a curious dog or cat!

dog and kid

3. Giving a pet as a gift is rarely a good idea…
I feel so strongly about this one. DO NOT give a dog or cat as a Christmas gift unless everyone is on board and ready to take responsibility. Do not give Jr. a dog for Christmas and take it to the shelter in a January because “he wasn’t taking care of it.” A pet a is a WHOLE family’s responsibility and when you make (stupid) decisions like this it’s not the kid who “learned a lesson” or was punished- it’s the pet who really suffers. Don’t adopt an animal unless everyone is ready to accept responsibility and everyone is in agreement.

*Side note: Every year, as people prepare for the holidays, veterinarians are asked to euthanize perfectly healthy dogs and cats. People cleaning up their homes for the holidays make the decision to get rid of the dog “no one cares for.” Additionally, shelters FILL with animals after the holidays because the novelty of the “gift” wears off and housebreaking turns out to be harder than one thought. Don’t be one of these pathetic excuses of a person.

4. Travel Intelligently
If you are traveling with your pet for the holidays then it’s important to make sure they are welcome at hotels and relatives’ houses. Additionally, be sure to have collars and tags on your pet at ALL TIMES. Animals can slip out the door when you unload the car or welcome guests. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

dog ralphie

5. Know your pet
I know that my dogs are hyper. I know that my dogs love children. I know that my dogs are temperamental around other dogs. If you have a puppy then it’s important to watch for messes and give him a nap break. If you’ve got an older dog be sure to give her some alone time away from the chaos and children. Additionally, don’t forget about your pets at home- check on them, stop by your house and let them out for a bit, etc.

Any questions? 🙂


Thankful Fridays

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Here’s my final installment for the month 🙂 I know it’s SUPER LATE (as in, it’s already December), but who cares. Hehe.

Nov 22: Today I am thankful to have friends all of the world. It’s so awesome to travel to other cities and still known people. Having connections while away from home is definitely a blessing!

Nov 23: I got home from Indy at 2am today and I am SO thankful for small towns. I love to vacation and I don’t mind touring bigger cities, but deep down I like my little towns, country roads, and cow-filled farms.

Nov 24: I can’t believe I’ve wait so long to express my thankfulness for K. I have never met anyone in the entire world that is so compatible to me. I don’t like describing his as my “best friend” because I consider him so much more. K can read my mind and he is such an awesome, challenging, like-minded partner. I am so grateful to lay to claim to him forever 😉

Nov 25: Today I am thankful for my organizational skills. I would go absolutely crazy if I couldn’t manage my time and tasks appropriately. I don’t know where I inherited it (ha), but I’m glad I’ve got it!

Nov 26: Today I am thankful for all the help K and I receive. We have family members that help us with the business, parents that have helped us financially in the past, and friends that are always willing to lend a hand. Happy Birthday to my Aunt Wendy, and THANK YOU for all the help last week!

Nov 27: Today I am thankful for days off to sleep in and spend time with family and friends!

Nov 28: Last but not least, I’m definitely thankful for the people that read my blog, like my writing, and give me feed back. It feels good to know I’m not the only one reading these posts. Thank you!