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For the Love of Dogs

Yesterday I got to talk with a sorority sister about her new dog and dogs in general. Dogs (particularly mine) are my favorite thing to discuss. Since I enjoy the topic and I'm a self-proclaimed expert, I figured why not dedicate a post to my favorite domesticated creature. [ Note: I am not an expert.… Continue reading For the Love of Dogs



I consider myself a polar bear-type person, but Ohio has officially beat me down and I am dreaming of warmer weather. More specifically, I keep having flashbacks to Jamaica, where K and I went on vacation last September. We were originally going to go on a cruise, but when our travel buddies found out they… Continue reading Jamaica

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I Love Sundays

This Sunday was such a perfect day. I love Sundays because of their lazy nature. I usually start the day with church & a family breakfast, but this weekend my husband took the day off and we played hooky from all responsibility. It was fantastic. Our dogs let us sleep in later than usual so… Continue reading I Love Sundays


I’m Not Good at Skiing

This weekend I've concluded that I'm not good at skiing. My brother invited me to go night skiing with him & his girlfriend (Christina) & their friends. K was in Texas and I was free so I said yes. (I hate turning down fun activities.) After work on Friday I drove halfway across the state… Continue reading I’m Not Good at Skiing


When the Cat’s Away…

...the wife will play! Every once in a while K goes on a business trip. I think this is total b.s. because he hates traveling and I love it, but our jobs demand the opposite from us. Grrr. Anyway, he's been on the road lately (but he's home now, all you thieves and robbers), and… Continue reading When the Cat’s Away…