Crying in Public

I have this weird thing about not showing weakness. I’ve always tried to be one of the boys- I’m crude, I curse, I’m sarcastic, and I can spit (but I usually don’t unless I had to run for a few minutes and I’m dying). Going right along with my “tough guy” exterior is my rejection of crying in public. I hate crying. When my emotions betray me and the flood gates open I usually seek refuge in a bathroom or at home in the corner of my room with my stuffed bunny wabbit cleverly named Bunny.

Well, this Sunday I spoke to my church congregation and totally lost it. I didn’t know I was going to cry. I’m still furious with myself for allowing the tears to flow. The church was debating a trivial issue, but I spoke about something a little deeper and apparently my emotions just weren’t having it. It’s hard to talk when you’re trying not to cry; probably the hardest thing in the world (excluding child birth and combat).

The sad and painful truth is that I’m a chronic crier. I cry when I hear “Thinking Out Loud” [Ed Sheeran] and “You’re Gonna Miss This” [Trace Adkins]. This weekend I caught the end of Valentine’s Day– you know, the part where Julie Roberts comes home to her son? Yep, I cried. Weddings and funerals figuratively kill me. (Ehhh, no pun intended there…) In private I am the sappiest sap ever.

This movie is the worst. Shame on Disney forever and ever.
This movie is the worst. Shame on Disney forever and ever. More horribly sad movies here.

But let’s keep pretending that I’m one of the boys. I mean, boys cry, too, right?
Have you ever had a breakdown in public? How do you handle those moments?



2 thoughts on “Crying in Public

  1. ughhh i hate when the tears come when they are unexpected, especially when my betray me and come out when i’m angry! i’ve learned a trick that helps a bit…when you are feeling like you’re about to cry and you don’t want to, clear your throat. it interrupts your thought process and let’s you get a semi-grip back on your emotions and thoughts.

    that being said, i think it’s healthy to cry and even though it’s not our favorite to cry in public-it shows we are humans with real emotions!

    ps. i cry at everything too.


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