I’m Not Good at Skiing

This weekend I’ve concluded that I’m not good at skiing.

My brother invited me to go night skiing with him & his girlfriend (Christina) & their friends. K was in Texas and I was free so I said yes. (I hate turning down fun activities.) After work on Friday I drove halfway across the state to meet my brother at Mad River Mountain. (Yep, that’s really the name. No, I did not see a river, but it was dark.)

Trying to stay warm. Ohio is really cold.
Trying to stay warm. Ohio is really cold.

We geared up and hit a bunny slop, just to get our footing. Next, my brother, Christina and I moved up to the next level of difficulty (which wasn’t supposed to be difficult at all).

My brother had to help Christina and I with our boots. We're children... Ha.
My brother had to help Christina and me with our boots. We’re children… Ha.

I have a problem with skiing because I need to be in control, but I’m not good at slowing down. My right hip cramps up every. single. time. and I can’t lift my right ski and turn it. Twice I had to stop halfway down the hill and put pressure on my hip to get it to relax. I think I’d be a good skier if it weren’t for my stupid leg.

Me, Fred, Christina
Me, Fred, Christina

I hate admitting that I’m bad at something- but I’m bad at skiing. I had a great time on Friday, though, and I’m so glad my brother invited me! My cramping hip tired me out faster, but I still enjoyed a few runs!

*Bonus Embarrassing Story*
Our first ride up the ski lift was a disaster. I was concerned for Christina (I don’t know why) and anxious.  Anyway, we got to the top of the hill and Fred & Christina slid off with no issues, but I didn’t move. I stayed on the lift and got stuck and the whole lift had to stop and the guy had to guide the lift to a deck and I had to take off my skis and step down. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! I kept apologizing to the people on the lift who were now facing me. Fred pointed out that I’m lucky they let me off at the top and I didn’t have to ride down, passing ALL the people on the lift.

When I finally made it off the lift Fred and Christina and everyone on top of the hill (let’s say 30 people) were laughing pretty hard. Oy vey.


Are you a snow sports enthusiast? Have any traumatizing stories similar to my new hall-of-fame-r?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. As fun as night skiing sounds I think I’d probably hate it just as much as I dislike day time skiing! It’s cold, wet and leaves me so sore the next day. I usually just look for the nearest spa and food!

    I’m an all-star spa-ster.

    You can’t be awesome at everything right?



    1. Louise says:

      I think I’d probably really enjoy a spa day at the slopes, haha. Definitely more relaxing than skiing!! Thanks for the comment!


  2. well…at least you’ve tried skiing! i’m from colorado and have NEVER been because it freaks me out too much. slipping down a hill out of control? no thank you. good on you for trying it out though!


    1. Louise says:

      My husband went last year for the first (and only) time and he had the same reservations! He stayed on the bunny slop the whole time and said he had fun, but the bruises from his ski boots weren’t worth it, haha. I think Colorado hills/mountains would be SUPER intimidating- I don’t blame you!


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