Happy Holy Week!

I will sum up my weekend by listing all for which I am grateful ūüôā

– My husband staying safe during his late night travels all weekend
– My mom helping me paint our spare bedroom and it now looks PERFECT
– My parents stopping by the house last night to take care of the dogs
– My time and experiences in the drumline world giving me new friendships and confidence
– We are able to afford our house and groceries
– Helpful family members on K’s side offering to bring dishes to Easter (we’re hosting!)
– Jesus Christ dying for my sins

Starting this week with a grateful heart! What happened this weekend that you’re grateful for?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring!

This post is a week late, but I’m just channeling the procrastination that will probably be fairly present all through spring. Plus, the weather gods haven’t acknowledged spring yet, so why should I?

I am a crazy-organized human being, but sometimes I need a list to keep me accountable. (Actually, I always have some sort of list keeping me accountable. Read about my “problem” here…)
Here are the chores I’d like to accomplish by the First Day of Summer!

– Clean out all 3 closets and donate clothes to local church (yeah, three closest… two belong to K)
– Organize craft room and finish almost-done scrapbooks
– Start & finish “Year 2” scrapbook
– Scrub the greasy build-up off kitchen cabinets and decor
– Wash dog harnesses/leashes and replace Lylee’s harness
– Buy duvet cover and bed skirt for new bed
– Organize Pinterest boards
– Landscape the house/get out of the flood zone
– Paint the spare bedroom
– Finish the basement bathroom
– Finish decorating the dining room
– Figure out photo collage for stairwell
– Build a firepit and purchase patio furniture
– Throw out old/dried up pens, glue, art supplies, office stuff
– Shred all the random grocery bags of bills and documents
Can I accomplish all this by June 21st? I’m not sure, but we’ll revisit this post then and see how much I’ve done! (And I might add to it as I go so SOMETHING at least gets crossed off…)

Do you have Spring Cleaning goals? Do you get distracted by treasures found in the back of your closet? Everyone has that greasy build-up on their kitchen cabinets, right??


Things I Thought Would be More Fun as an Adult

Like most children, when I was young I believed that being an adult meant I’d have unlimited freedom and I could “do whatever I wanted to do.” Har har har. Now I look back at that 9 year old and tell her to go grab a juice box and watch some cartoons.

Adult Fun

Here are all the glorious luxuries that I believed accompanied being a grown up.

| Making money and spending it however I want. |
Well, I do have a job so I do make money… but once it goes to the mortgage, utilities, debt, and savings I don’t have much of that money left…

| Staying up as late as I want to. |
Which is 8pm. But as a functioning adult I force myself to stay up until 10 or 11pm.

| Waking up early to play with my toys. |
HA. I barely wake up early enough to shower before work, let alone hang out with my beanie babies.

| Hanging out with my friends whenever I want to. |
This is actually true-ish and was very accurate in college… but this requires me and those friends to have free time and we all know that doesn’t always happen…

| Adopting all the animals I want and bringing home every stray. |
My husband put the kibosh on this one… which is actually a good thing.

| Spending the night with K and having sleepovers all the time. |
Yep… I loved going from a bed where all the covers, pillows, and blankets belonged to me to a bed where I share EVERYTHING with a snoring, thrashing, heat-producing partner.

| Not having my parents tell me what to do all the time. |
And now I literally seek out their advice. Yep… I’m THAT adult.

| Watching R-rated movie. |
I don’t even like R-rated movies…

| Avoiding my chores and doing the fun stuff first. |
My mother ruined me. As a child I was taught that you work first to play later. I can’t relax and chill unless the laundry is done and the dishes are clean and the living room is vacuumed. UGH.

| Not having to go to church/the dentist/Lowe’s/anywhere I don’t want to go. |
First of all, now I want to go to church so that’s off the list. Secondly, I still avoid the dentist and that’s why my teeth hurt… And owning a home forces me to go to Lowe’s, even though I still hate that store.

( + SIDE NOTE: I have a love/hate relationship with an empty bed. I really do love drifting off next to my hubby and surrounded by our pups. Also, I don’t actually play with Beanie Babies anymore, but in my heyday I boasted a collection of +120. + )

Did adulthood live up to your childhood expectations? What were some things you were “looking forward to”? Am I the only one with an irrational hatred for Lowe’s?


Louise: A to Z

I was planning on doing a “Spring Cleaning” blog today, but nothing says spring cleaning like procrastination! Instead, here’s a little post with extra info about me! (I stole this from Meghan Anna! Thanks!!)
A.      Attached or Single…
As attached as one can be!
B.      Best Friend…
I have so many wonderful friends, but the two I get to see most often are Erica and Kayla!
C.      Cake or Pie…
I don’t really like sweet desserts, but definitely cake because I don’t like pie!
D.      Day of Choice…
Sundays! I don’t know why but it’s a great day.
E.       Essential Item…
Material-wise, I suppose my phone? But I’d save my stuffed animal Bunny in a fire!
F.       Favorite Color…
Yellow! Always has been.
G.     Gummy bears or worms…
Neither. Hurts my teeth… (I know, I know. I need to go to the dentist.)
H.      Home town…
My current location. Which is in Ohio ūüôā
I.        Favorite Indulgence…
I guess Doritos and pop. And ice cream. With sprinkles…
J.        January or July…
January! July is tooooo hot!
K.      Kids…
I don’t have any human-wise. Just my two fluffy kids.
L.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Life¬†isn’t¬†complete without‚Ķ
M.    Memory you Cherish…
I love traveling with my family and hubby. Switzerland is home to my favorite memories.

N.     Number of brothers/sisters…
One brother! But when I married K I gained a sister-in-law and brother-in-law, plus their spouses!
O.     Oranges or Apples…
P.      Pet Peeves…
Having to repeat myself because someone wasn’t listening.
Q.     Quotes…
I like ones about kindess, but this one stands out:
“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
R.      Reasons to smile…
Um, just being alive and healthy? For me it’s having a partner in life, great friends and family, and my puppies!
S.       Season of Choice…
FALL! Can’t it always be fall?
T.       Tea or Coffee…
Oh man… both! But no chai tea and no black coffee.
U.     Unknown fact about me…
I’m horrible at remembering to take medication- like daily vitamins. I forgot today…
V.      Vegetable…
Asparsgus! Actually, I love almost all veggies except peas.
W.    Worst Habit…
I have a few, but the longest running are my short temper and biting my nails…
X.      X-Ray or Ultrasound…
I’ve never had an ultrasound, so X-ray.
Y.       Your favorite trip…
I love traveling… Our honeymoon was awesome, but I love me some Switzerland, too!
Z.       Zodiac Sign…
There ya have it!
Do you prefer tea or coffee?
I told you my bad habits… what are yours?
Cake or pie??

I’m So Happy!

Do you ever get in a mood where you feel incredibly happy? My mood swings more than a jungle gym, but I just love love love when I’m feelin’ happy for no reason! Nothing has prompted today’s joy, but here are a few things that make me happy!

| Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars|
I just love this song’s groove! It’s so darn peppy and fun! It’s definitely been played to death, but when I’m in a good mood I still wiggle in my seat when it comes on!

Race days (which is not a Wednesday) just make me so happy! I love watching NASCAR and I love napping during the race! The white noise is amazing! Also, there’s nothing more exciting than a live NASCAR race! (Come ooooooon, April 19th!)

| Elliot Rose’s Grin |
Last night I got to hang out with my best friend and my favorite chubby cheek-ed baby! She’s 2 months old today and I just can’t believe how much personality she already has! When she makes all her faces I just feel so happy!

| Sugar by Maroon 5 |
This is another song that I crank up to max volume. The music video also gives me all the feels!

| Dog Smiles |
If you have a pup in your life does s/he ever just turn and give you that smile of pure bliss?? I love that! I swear mine do it when they think I’m proud of them (fetching a ball, walking without pulling, etc.). They also do it when we’re hardcore snuggling in the mornings. Enzo prances, too, which sends me into giggles.


Do you get days of unprompted joy? What makes you happy?


My Weekend Nightmare

You don’t have to dig too deep to discover that I am obsessed with my dogs. There are three beating hearts that I would die for and two belong to four-legged canines. In our house our 3 year old Lylee is more bonded to K and our little Enzo is bonded to me. It works nicely during cuddle-time.

Lylee & K
Lylee & K

This weekend Enzo and I made our first attempt at behavioral testing for the Pet Partners program. Enzo is a therapy dog in-training; someday soon we will be visiting sick and injured people in hospitals. I’ve wanted to work with a therapy dog for a long time and when Enzo’s true personality started to develop we discovered that he would make the perfect comfort dog!

Enzo passed all but one challenge. The evaluator had nothing but wonderful things to say about him, but we both agreed he’s a little exuberant. He was not able to ignore the “neutral dog” in the room and so he failed that portion. We overcompensated on socializing Enzo because Lylee tends to be dog aggressive, so we taught him to play with other dogs… and that’s what he wanted to do during the test.


When he failed part my heart sank. I felt my face flush with embarrassment for Enzo and I almost started crying… We have hours of training and +$300 invested in this therapy dog goal. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but I felt like we’d totally failed. Then I looked at Enzo.

He was sad because the other “neutral dog” had left the room, but other than that he sat there wagging his tail, looking at me for the next command. He wasn’t sad- he was just having a good time. We continued with the evaluation, just for the experience, and he was perfect. After we left (and promised to come back and test again) I took him to the pet store for a new bone.

I admit that I was still sad when we left the testing facility. I cried in the car a little bit and called K to tell him the bad news. We came up with a game plan to train Enzo to be a little more disciplined, but deep down I love that he’s so social and happy. While we waited to test he politely greeted everyone in the lobby with a wagging tail. He will absolutely be the perfect therapy dog- Saturday just wasn’t our time.


I’m very grateful for Enzo. He reminds me that life is better when you speak softly and wag your tail. Last night I had a nightmare that I turned my back for a few minutes and someone stole him. (Our last trainer and the evaluator joked that they’d steal him in a heartbeat.) I panicked in my dream and then woke up and searched the bed for him. Of course he was passed out against my thigh, same as every night.

Have you ever been visited by a therapy dog? Do you have super crazy dreams based on real-life interactions? Are you sick of my dog-posts yet?


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Internet Testing

The past week or so I’ve taken a few online tests to determine my personality. What better way to figure out who I am than to let the interwebz tell me, right?

Some of the tests are the real deal and backed with science, but I think the IQ test I took was designed by an 18 year old with a psychology book. Whatever- I got above average so I’ll take it.

Love Languages
I read The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, when I was in college but I recently re-took the test to determine my language. Turns out I require “quality time” in order to feel most loved by K. I also enjoy “words of affirmation.” I made K take this test, too, and he prefers “acts of service” and “quality time.” Not a bad pairing if I do say so myself. You can take this quiz here, but you should total buy/borrow the book, too. It’s extremely interesting! Chelsea over at the new wifestyle talks about it often, like in this article!

Color Code
I’d never heard of this assessment until I read rose gold & ringlets‘ blog yesterday (Let’s Talk About the Color Code). Of course there was a link and an online test so I just had to take it! Turns out I associate with blue. This means that I’m most motivated by “intimacy.” Weird, right? (No, I am not driven by sex.) Long story short, I seek connection with others and need to feel appreciated. I’m very loyal to my pals (especially my significant other) and I apparently love to serve others. I’m also the most controlling personality type. I guess there’s some truth to that… Find out your color here!

Brain Usage
Earlier this morning I took a quiz to determine which side of my brain I use (because science is as simple as that, of course). Turns out I’m a right-y through and through. (By that I mean I’m right handed and I use the right side of my brain. But my eyesight is better in my left eye. I digress.) I guess these results are accurate, but I’m taking it all with a grain of salt. Find out your left/right brain use here!


What results did you get? In your opinion, how accurate are they? Online IQ tests are the real deal, right?