My Friend Aubrey

I openly admit that I love food and I hate working out. I don’t even necessarily like good food- just any food. I’m a horrible inspiration to others and my “Work Out” board on Pinterest is collecting cobwebs.

My friend Aubrey is 210% the exact opposite. First of all, that girl can cook. It is her passion and, lucky for her, she’s incredible at it. She once made a cheese and cracker tray that had me in tears because it was so fantastic. She also has a job working in a fancy-schmancy kitchen so if you’re ever in Cleveland you should swing by Rockefeller’s and taste the heaven that comes from her kitchen.

Deep fried beer cheese polenta bites made by Aubrey.

Deep fried beer cheese polenta bites made by Aubrey.

Another fun fact about Aubrey is that she is incredibly beautiful. Her skin is flawless and her hair looks amazing, even when she doesn’t wash it. (I usually only compliment her unknowingly on these days.) I have known Aubrey since 5th grade. My first impression was, ‘Who is this girl and why is she so opinionated and loud?‘ Haha!

Our friend Kayla, Aubrey, and me

Our friend Kayla, Aubrey, and me

So why does Aubrey get her own blog post? Well, my friend has always struggled with her weight and I’ve watched her gain and lose throughout the years. She has always had an incredibly bright smile but it shines even brighter right now because Aubrey has lost 100 lbs. and is pursuing her dreams and living a positive, proactive life.


Aubrey took matters into her own hands and started losing weight by eating right and exercising. She had gastric bypass surgery in the fall and has continued to discipline herself and meet her goals. She is the happiest I have ever seen her and it’s because she has a girlfriend that loves her, family that love her, friends that love her, and, most importantly, she loves herself.

Aubrey’s girlfriend, Alyssa, has also lost a lot of weight. They seriously live in a house of inspiration and awesomeness.

I have watched Aubrey triumph, fail, struggle, laugh, cry, and change over the last 13 years (13 years?! What?) We have butted heads and yelled at each other and shared secrets and she stood beside me in my wedding. I have watched her go from hating cats to loving cats, singing opera to cooking professionally, dating men to finding the love of her life in Alyssa, and being a kid to being a teen to being an adult. She is one of the strongest people I know- the future holds nothing but success and happiness for her because she has taken her life into her own hands and makes it into what she wants. I am so honored and blessed to call her my friend.


Love you, Aubz. I’m so proud of you and happy to be a part of your life!






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