Girl Power

In honor of last Sunday being #InternationalWomensDay I decided it only appropriate to highlight some of my favorite ladies, past and present! These are women that I someday hope my future daughter and her friends will look up to (and my son, too!).

Also, you should go take this fun little quiz and comment below with the badass woman you’re assigned! (I got Cleopatra and I am not the least bit upset. I have been obsessed with her since 3rd grade… So. Many. Essays. on that lady!)

Girl Power

Emma Watson
I am so in love with this incredible young lady. If you haven’t heard of her #HeForShe campaign for gender equality then go look it up right now! (Here you go.) Emma was appointed as a UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador and, in the midst of fame, graduated from Brown University with her BA in English Literature. She’s the muggle-version of Hermione. Actually, she might be magical. I wouldn’t doubt it.

Malala Yousafzai
Malala was a co-recipient of the 2014 Noble Peace Prize and advocates for women’s education. She lived under Taliban occupation in Pakistan and at the age of 11 Malala started blogging about her experiences for BBC. She watched the Taliban shut down and blow up hundred of girls’ schools. She continued to write and do documentaries about the educational struggles for women, despite daily death threats. In October 2012, at the age of 15, Malala was shot in the face by a Taliban gunman. She survived the assassination attempt and continues to fight for educational rights. She’s 17.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
I find the Duchess of Cambridge to be incredibly graceful and mesmerizing. I think she gives back to her country and always seems very appreciative. I love that she and William seem to treat one another as equals.

Audrey Hepburn
You won’t find Marilyn Monroe on my list, but Audrey definitely makes it. She had a somewhat charmed childhood and her acting career was very successful, but I love the work she did with UNICEF. Audrey survived German-occupied Europe and wanted to give back to impoverished children. She spoke 5 languages and did work in Ethiopia, Turkey, Central America, Vietnam, and Somalia.

Jane Goodall
Jane’s work began with chimpanzees but she advocates for all animal rights. She believes in animal intelligence and emotions (because they exists and are a real thing).

Elizabeth I
I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I am obsessed with the Tudor family and, as far as I’m concerned, Elizabeth was the last (and most sane) in the dynasty. No one is perfect, but Elizabeth survived her mother’s scandal and her sister Mary’s insanity to acquire the throne. She ruled without a husband and was fairly moderate and tolerant (in comparison to her father and sister).

There are millions of inspirational women but I narrowed it down to 6. Who are some ladies you look up to? What were your quiz results? Who are some successful men that inspire you?



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