Internet Testing


The past week or so I’ve taken a few online tests to determine my personality. What better way to figure out who I am than to let the interwebz tell me, right?

Some of the tests are the real deal and backed with science, but I think the IQ test I took was designed by an 18 year old with a psychology book. Whatever- I got above average so I’ll take it.

Love Languages
I read The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, when I was in college but I recently re-took the test to determine my language. Turns out I require “quality time” in order to feel most loved by K. I also enjoy “words of affirmation.” I made K take this test, too, and he prefers “acts of service” and “quality time.” Not a bad pairing if I do say so myself. You can take this quiz here, but you should total buy/borrow the book, too. It’s extremely interesting! Chelsea over at the new wifestyle talks about it often, like in this article!

Color Code
I’d never heard of this assessment until I read rose gold & ringlets‘ blog yesterday (Let’s Talk About the Color Code). Of course there was a link and an online test so I just had to take it! Turns out I associate with blue. This means that I’m most motivated by “intimacy.” Weird, right? (No, I am not driven by sex.) Long story short, I seek connection with others and need to feel appreciated. I’m very loyal to my pals (especially my significant other) and I apparently love to serve others. I’m also the most controlling personality type. I guess there’s some truth to that… Find out your color here!

Brain Usage
Earlier this morning I took a quiz to determine which side of my brain I use (because science is as simple as that, of course). Turns out I’m a right-y through and through. (By that I mean I’m right handed and I use the right side of my brain. But my eyesight is better in my left eye. I digress.) I guess these results are accurate, but I’m taking it all with a grain of salt. Find out your left/right brain use here!


What results did you get? In your opinion, how accurate are they? Online IQ tests are the real deal, right?


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  1. so glad you AND k took the love language test! it’s been so helpful for my own life and my marriage. thanks for also linking to my posts, you’re awesome 🙂 also interesting that some of your love languages overlap-that makes it fun and satisfying for both!

    i’m totally blue too…all day long…all over the place 🙂


  2. Louise says:

    I’m pretty grateful that our love languages align 🙂 And yay for being blues! (And having alllll the feels. Haha!)


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