Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring!

This post is a week late, but I’m just channeling the procrastination that will probably be fairly present all through spring. Plus, the weather gods haven’t acknowledged spring yet, so why should I?

I am a crazy-organized human being, but sometimes I need a list to keep me accountable. (Actually, I always have some sort of list keeping me accountable. Read about my “problem” here…)
Here are the chores I’d like to accomplish by the First Day of Summer!

– Clean out all 3 closets and donate clothes to local church (yeah, three closest… two belong to K)
– Organize craft room and finish almost-done scrapbooks
– Start & finish “Year 2” scrapbook
– Scrub the greasy build-up off kitchen cabinets and decor
– Wash dog harnesses/leashes and replace Lylee’s harness
– Buy duvet cover and bed skirt for new bed
– Organize Pinterest boards
– Landscape the house/get out of the flood zone
– Paint the spare bedroom
– Finish the basement bathroom
– Finish decorating the dining room
– Figure out photo collage for stairwell
– Build a firepit and purchase patio furniture
– Throw out old/dried up pens, glue, art supplies, office stuff
– Shred all the random grocery bags of bills and documents
Can I accomplish all this by June 21st? I’m not sure, but we’ll revisit this post then and see how much I’ve done! (And I might add to it as I go so SOMETHING at least gets crossed off…)

Do you have Spring Cleaning goals? Do you get distracted by treasures found in the back of your closet? Everyone has that greasy build-up on their kitchen cabinets, right??


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