Canada, Oh Canada | Part 1

Guess who gets to cross a destination off of her Passport Picks list..... Me! Last weekend K and I took a short anniversary get-away trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada! Our little Midwestern town is exactly 5 hours from the tourist trap and neither of us had ever been, so I booked us a trip!… Continue reading Canada, Oh Canada | Part 1

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My Full Heart

Two years ago at this time (10pm) I was freshly married and dancing amongst our fabulous wedding guests. I had no idea where I'd be two year later. I definitely can't complain. Right now I'm camped out on our couch, snacking on a delicious yellow cake (with chocolate frosting) baked fresh by my wonderful mother-in-law.… Continue reading My Full Heart


A Letter to My Children

This week I've been inspired by Rebecca's post as well as The Letter Link-Up with mr. thomas & me. I'll start by admitting that I have some irrational or silly fears. These include horses, my dogs being sprayed by skunks, dinosaurs (yes, I know they're extinct but what if they WEREN'T?), and someone living in… Continue reading A Letter to My Children

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NASCAR: Bristol, Tennessee

Sorry about the hiatus. That was unintentional. Things got a little busy around here & I rarely post on the weekends, but I'm back now so yay! This weekend my family took a trip to Bristol, Tennessee for the NASCAR races at Bristol Motor Speedway. This was our fourth year going, I think. We typically… Continue reading NASCAR: Bristol, Tennessee

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Meet the Canine: Enzo

I like to save my favorite posts for Friday! Today I'm joining the link-up with Erin from TexErin-in-SydneyLand for Meet the Canines. Without fur-ther ado (get it?), I hand the reins over to our youngest, Enzo. Mom has given me strict instructions to introduce myself and then answer a few questions about my likes and… Continue reading Meet the Canine: Enzo

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Grateful Heart: link-up

I have been waiting for this link up since Friday. Sometimes I let my heart get dark and jagged, and when I finally realize what's happened it's too late- I've already pricked someone. Yesterday we celebrated Jesus' resurrection. He died for our sins. My sins. Sins like my prickly heart. And for that I am… Continue reading Grateful Heart: link-up