My TV Bucket List

As I flip through Netflix I often come upon shows that I’d really like to watch… but they’re always 7 seasons deep. I am very particular and I prefer to start things from the beginning, so taking the time to invest in these television series is a serious commitment. I was late to the game with Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time but I caught up and follow along fairly religiously now. Same with The Mindy Project (once my husband and I finish a few more episodes).

Of course there are programs like Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Fire that are so dramatic yet general that I can indulge in single episodes every now and then, but for the most part I like to see a series from start to finish!

TV Bucket List

I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but here are my top shows on the TV Bucket List:

| Mad Men |
Honestly, I tried with this series once and only got in a few episodes before I stopped. I just didn’t have the time or emotional capacity to hang with Peggy and Joan. But I think I’m ready now, especially since there’s an official end in sight. Plus, Jon Hamm. Like, seriously, just Jon Hamm. Does a suit get any sexier? I love my husband so much, but Jon Hamm. Yummy yum yum.

| Lost |
I know it ended forever ago, but I think I could totally get into it now. I’m not a big fan of violence, so I’ll be doing a little research before I dive right in. Also, I love when I can read ahead because the episode has already aired. Messed up, right? It drives my hubby nuts!

| Parks & Rec |
I know, I know, I know. I should already have this checked off and cherished until the end of my days. But K isn’t a fan of the humor so it’s a slow process. I have started on this one, though!

| Gotham |
I know I said I didn’t like violence (and I don’t) but this one seriously pulls me in. K is interested in this one, too, which is why we haven’t started on it yet.

| Agents of S.H.I. E.L.D. & Agent Carter & The Flash & Arrow |
Pretty much all super hero dramas. Also, if they made a weekly TV drama for X-Men starring Hugh & Jennifer & Michael & James you could just sign me up right now. I would sleep outside the studio doors. Oh crap, my nerd is showing…

| Call the Midwife |
I have no excuse for this. I’ve been told by multiple people on multiple occasions that I must invest in this show. I promise I will soon!

| House of Cards |
I’m 100% afraid to start on this series. I’ve heard the addiction is strong with this one.

| Bomb Girls |
I started this one, too, and I swear one day I will finish it! Honestly, I’ve just been lazy. I discovered this little gem on Netflix one day!

| Black Sails |
So this one is violent AND I have seen nothing about it on any forms of online streaming. But I love pirates and I love historical drama. So I hope that someday I’ll watch it.

| Friday Night Lights |
I’m not a sports girl and I prefer history, but I’ve heard this is a good one so I’d give it a try.

. . .

Some that I’ve started and need to finish include The Tudors, ReignNashville, and Pan Am. I think I’m afraid to finish the first and last because they’re so good I just don’t want them to end. Reign is just a guilty pleasure because it’s so darn historically inaccurate, haha.

What TV programs have you been meaning to watch? Have you seen any of these and are they worth the time and effort? Do you watch The Tudors because if not go turn it on right now.



6 thoughts on “My TV Bucket List

  1. ohhhh ‘house of cards’ is SO addictive but quite good. there is some violence in some episodes just FYI. yeeees keep working on your husband with parks & rec because it gets way better after the 1st season even! i watched FNL when i got laid off (i don’t do sports and i have a love/hate relationship with TX) but it’s GOOD.

    ps. tim riggins is mine.


    1. Man, despite the violence I feel like I can’t avoid House of Cards much longer. I am, very very intrigued…. I need to watch Parks and Rec because 96% of all pop culture references come from there. I’m not so much into the rugged football player as I am the chauvinist 1960’s business man (kidding, but I really am slightly obsessed with Jon Hamm), so Riggins is all yours 😉


  2. I really like Parks & Rec–I’m so not a fan of Lost though–I’ve only seen it a little bit, but my brother watched the whole thing and said he found it pretty disappointing, so I’m not going to try. I’m really enjoying the current season of Once Upon a Time.


    1. Uh oh… You’re the first negative review I’ve heard about Lost! I’m going to give it a chance but if I hate it you and your brother get to say, “I told you so” 🙂 And I am DEFINITELY liking this second half of OUAT season more than the Frozen storyline!


    1. Oh man, I didn’t even think of this as “Netflix Era” but you’re SO right! TV Bucket lists were science-fiction back in the days of “taping” your favorite show! How strange to think about!


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