No one tagged me. No one recommended this post. No one forced me into doing this.

I just wanted to! 🙂 (But I did steal this particular format from Meagan @ All the Joys.)

Happy Friday!


Four Names People Call You
Audie Lou
Weez (because of “Louise”… not because of breathing problems)

Four Jobs You’ve Had
Nursery Attendant
Administrative Assistant

Four Movies You’ve Watched More than Once
The Mummy
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Guardians of the Galaxy
Blazing Saddles (thanks to my crude-humor father)

Four Books I Recommend
The Other Boleyn Girl
All Harry Potter Books
Alice in Wonderland

Four Places I Have Lived
My hometown, Ohio
India (for 4 weeks)
Alliance, Ohio
… that’s it. I haven’t lived many places.

Four Places I’ve Been

Four Places I’d Rather Be Now
Cabo (shout out to Chelsea from the new wifestyle… SO JEALOUS!)
In bed
A quiet coffee shop or library

Four of My Favorite Foods
Crab legs
Singapore or Cajun wings
Chips and Salsa

Four TV Shows I Watch
Once Upon a Time
Downton Abbey
The Mindy Project
Mad Men

Four Things I’m Looking Forward to this Summer
Family vacation
My brother being home
Dog park dates & hikes

Four Things I’m Always Saying
“…, right?”
“HEY! Quit.” (to the dogs)
“Can’t even/what even.” (jokingly to K)

. . .

I try to keep things light and airy on Fridays. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! I’m headed north to see some old friends!

Where do you wish you were right now? Got any big weekend plans? Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? (Go watch it!)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Meagan says:

    Yay, I’m glad you did this post! I haven’t watched any of your shows, but they are all saved on my Netflix – so maybe one day soon I’ll get to them!


    1. Louise says:

      Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 You should definitely check them out. My hubby is just as addicted to The Mindy Project! And it just got picked up for another season with Hulu 🙂


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