Summer Cleaning…?

It’s the moment of truth… Yesterday was the first day of summer (UGH) so it’s time to visit the Spring Cleaning List (originally posted here) and see what I didn’t did do…


Here’s the original list with my comments.

Clean out all 3 closets and donate clothes to local church (yeah, three closest… two belong to K) I actually did this!
– Organize craft room and finish almost-done scrapbooks Well poop… this would’ve been a fun task.
– Start & finish “Year 2” scrapbook I took a scrapbook hiatus I guess…
– Scrub the greasy build-up off kitchen cabinets and decor Eww… I didn’t do this but I really should.
Wash dog harnesses/leashes and replace Lylee’s harness Her harness was nearly broken so this actually got done!
Buy duvet cover and bed skirt for new bed CHECK! (Now I just need to put it on…)
Organize Pinterest boards I did about half of my boards so we’ll check it off… hehe
– Landscape the house/get out of the flood zone Ugh, this needs to happened but we didn’t get it done yet.
Paint the spare bedroom YESSS! Check it out here!
Finish the basement bathroom YEP!
Finish decorating the dining room I’d say it’s about how I want it to look.
– Figure out photo collage for stairwell No… I just can’t decide on this.
– Build a firepit and purchase patio furniture Ugh, part of the landscaping project.
– Throw out old/dried up pens, glue, art supplies, office stuff This would’ve been an easy one to complete.
– Shred all the random grocery bags of bills and documents No… oops.

Ok, so honestly, I didn’t do too badly. I can probably tackle most of these things this summer!

Did you get any major tasks done this spring? What chore have you been putting off? How often do you scrub the grease build-up in your kitchen (and what’s your secret weapon??)?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristin C says:

    I barely accomplished any of my Spring cleaning. We are about to move to a new city too, so now I have to clean and pack. haha.


    1. Louise says:

      Oh nooo!! I was actually pretty shocked to see all the things I’d crossed off! I nearly forgot about my list so these were things I just ended up doing because they needed done. If I’d have referenced my list who knows what I might’ve accomplished 😉 Haha!


  2. Kenji says:

    I really need to accomplish some spring cleaning soon.


    1. Louise says:

      Hehe, summer cleaning? I tried so hard to do some of this in the spring because it’s SO. HOT. once June hits, but I totally failed on the whole landscaping thing. Oops…


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