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Can you believe it’s almost July?! We’re half way to 2016! Geeeeez!

At the end of May Emily from Ember Grey introduced her 12 Months of Bliss challenge. This year-long “challenge” is rooted in self-reflection and love. Through monthly activities participants are encouraged to perform intentional and random acts of kindness and love toward one’s self and others.

This month consisted of letter writing. One note to one person once a week in June.

12MoB June

Personally, I loved this challenge!

When my Great Aunt was living in Colorado I often sent her letters (and texts) to catch up and spread some cheer. This month I took advantage of the challenge and sent some notes to friends living far away from me.

Writing a weekly note forced me to slow down, reflect, and genuinely engage in a (one-sided) conversation with people I care about. I would seriously encourage you to try and send a handwritten note once or twice a month to someone you love- whether you see them often or not. Who doesn’t love personalized mail?!

I’m very very excited for July’s challenge- I can’t wait to find out what it is! Care to join in on 12 Months of Bliss? It’s not too late to start! You can even send a letter next week as we wrap up June!

Stay tuned for next month’s July wrap up!

EG's Twelve Months of Bliss



6 Comments Add yours

  1. ohhh so fun! i love writing letters too but have gotten out of the habit unless it’s a thank-you note or special occasion! thanks for the reminder 🙂


    1. Louise says:

      I feel like I go through phases… sometimes I’ve great about writing a note and sometimes I’m AWFUL. This was a good weekly reminder!


  2. Michelle says:

    It was fun to sit down and reflect as you said it so wonderfully. Already enjoying the 12MOBliss. Will be fun getting to know other bloggers through this link up/


    1. Louise says:

      I agree! I’m so excited to see what the 11 other months have in store! Thanks for the comment!


  3. You explained Twelve Months of Bliss so much better than I did! 🙂 Beautiful, lady. I’m so glad you shared your experience and thoughts on June’s challenge. July’s challenge is now up!! Yay! xo


    1. Louise says:

      Oh my gosh, no way! You have such a way with words, Emily! It’s one of my favorite parts of your blog! I’m so excited to get started on July’s list!


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