The Perfect Score (and Soundtracks)

Sometimes All of the time I listen to music while I work. I know I’m not alone here- My husband always has something playing in his office and in college my roommates drowned the world out with music during their study sessions. My main source of income comes from technical writing so I’m always in front of my computer and I always have Pandora or Spotify or a radio station playing.


(That picture should look a little familiar since I screen shot my Pandora for this post, too!)

First things first- My “Jazzzzzz” station is 40s music. Yes, I have an entire station for Dave Matthews (and all imposters are immediately “disliked”). & The Christmas channel is only utilized from October to December.

Ok, on to business.

When I’m in the mood for it, my favorite Pandora station is my Disney/Broadway Station. With all the time I’ve spent on this channel, I’ve picked out a few favorite soundtracks/movie scores…

(If you’re not in the habit of listening to movie scores this is me telling you to give it a chance. You can find hours of music on Youtube.)

Harry Potter | John Williams | Patrick Doyle | Nicholas Hooper | Alexandre Desplat |
Obviously Harry Potter is on my list because it’s Harry Potter… but favoritism aside, the music from these movies is phenomenal. My favorite movie score is Order of the Phoenix, but you should check them all out!


How to Train Your Dragon | John Powell |
I feel my heart fill with joy when parts from this score come across my Pandora station. I don’t know what it is, but this movie has some great music.


The Lion King Soundtrack | Various Artists including Elton John, Nathan Lane, Hans Zimmer |
This is an obvious one. Honestly, if you don’t like The Lion King then we just can’t be friends. (Harsh, I know, but very true.) Both the instrumental and vocal songs are incredible…


Catch Me If You Can | John Williams |
In addition to being a great movie, Catch Me If You Can has an awesome soundtrack! It kind of reminds me of the Mad Men theme song.


Sherlock Holmes | Hans Zimmer |
I love these movies… I hope they’re working on a #3! In the meantime, I guess I’ll spend my time listening to the score!


Pirates of the Caribbean | Hans Zimmer |
I would be a fool to leave out the iconic music of POTC. I think it all sounds the same, but whatever. I love when music and movies match up so flawlessly.


Honorable mention Disney/Pixar movies:
| Tarzan | Aladdin | Brave | The Incredibles | Monster’s Inc. |

. . .

Do you ever just sit and listen to movie scores? What are some of your favorites? I didn’t even scrape the surface of musicals- Do you have a favorite musical?



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Score (and Soundtracks)

    1. Hahaha! I always feel like such a nerd when I’m listening to the HP music and someone comes into my office…. but like you said, totally #worthit!


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