Life as Louise: Movie Review

Apparently I forgot how to blog this week….. Actually, I’ve been so busy and a few things fell by the wayside- blogging being one of them. I was also sick- which rarely happens- so I didn’t get much done on those days. Sorry about that. Sometimes I have a lazy week and sometimes I have a crazy week. Oh well, on to the topic of MOVIES.

When K and I first started dating we watched a TON of movies. Now we can’t seem to justify committing to a +2 hour movie when there are things to do (or more importantly, TV shows to watch). That’s why it’s so crazy that I’ve watch FOUR new movies in the last two weeks! Two movies are kid movies, one is Rated R (that escalated quickly…), and the fourth was just recently released on Netflix.

Movie Review

| The Minion Movie |
I will admit that I thoroughly enjoy kid movies. I go to the theaters, check out the “kid” content on Netflix, and buy up the DVDs when they’re released. The best kid movies have subtle adult humor embedded deep in the jokes and reactions… but Minions is not one of these movies.

I thought there would be some funny adult humor, but this is a kids’ movie through-and-through. (Which is great for kids!) The childish humor is cute and the storyline is a good one (especially when we finally come across our favorite long-nosed villain at the end), but unless you have little ones dying to see it, you can pass it up. (Just to keep my spot at the cool table, I took my three younger cousins to see this and Inside Out… I didn’t go alone. Geeeeez.) For an adult this movie gets 2 stars; for kids it can have 4 stars outta 5.

| Inside Out |
I saw Minions and Inside Out at a double-feature so I immediately compared the two. Totally unlike The Minion Movie, Inside Out had maaaany adult concepts. I feel like I need to watch it again to grasp everything completely. The movie obviously deals will 5 main personified emotions (joy, sadness, fear, disgust, anger) but there are so many more layers to the story.

The movie teaches a lesson about balanced emotions and what can happen if those emotions are unbalanced (or missing all together). It’s Pixar, so you know the animation is perfection. Also, A++ for casting (I love me some Mindy Kaling!). I give this 4.5 stars outta 5. I think it’s a good movie for kids and adults.

| Trainwreck |
This movie is rated R and for goooood reason. There is cursing, drug use, sex (and sexual content)… pretty much everything except violence (although you see a fake knee surgery so I guess it’s even gory). Taking into account Amy Schumer wrote it, none of this should be surprising. Still taking into account Amy Schumer wrote it, it’s absolutely hysterical.

The acting is ok. The storyline is ok. The humor is good. And LeBron James is fan.tas.tic. I’m seriously convinced he should be in every comedy. (There were so many elderly people in the theater and I think they came for LeBron… cue awkward-er sex scenes… (NOT with LeBron- he was pretty PG)…) Anyway, it’s a male and female comedy so it’s fun for the whole family adult-family. No, that’s a lie… I would HATE to watch this with my parents or my sibling, haha! If you’ve got the time and you’ve already seen Jurassic World, give Trainwreck a chance. I give it 3.75 outta 5.

| Serena |
Honestly, I had very, very high hopes for this movie. I read the novel (by Ron Rash) and anticipated majestic performances from Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper. (Seriously, though, I want these two to be together forever.) From what I read on the interwebz this movie was supposed to be release in theaters but never made it… I guess it spent some time in the iTunes store before hitting the red screen (Netflix).

While I definitely recommend the book, I would give the movie 2 stars outta 5. The acting is fabulous but the storyline is dull (and very inaccurate based on the novel). I loved the scenery and costumes, but the plot left much to be desired. Maybe if I hadn’t read the book I would’ve been more impressed? Eitherway, both book and movie will be most enjoyed by a history buff. If you prefer The Terminator or The Hangover maybe just skip this one.

. . .

How you seen any of these movies? What did you think? What new movies would you recommend seeing??


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ohhh i’m so happy to see you loved “inside out!” i totally want to see that! we saw trainwreck last week and found it hillllarious! my husband is obsessed with amy schumer and i like her but haven’t see every single video available of her in the internet like he has but it was way better than i thought it would be! so many one liners.

    we keep going “and then i asked if i could go to sleep and it was like she was the exorcist and said NOOoooo”


  2. Louise says:

    Hahahaha, it was a cute storyline…. with a very crude delivery, ha! Since I’m from Ohio everyone here is OBSESSED since it stars LeBron James, lol. You definitely should see Inside Out- but brace yourself for some tears!! (Sad and happy tears, of course! Curse you, Pixar!!)


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