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Date Night with the Foo Fighters

Last Monday I voiced how busy I expected my week to be (and I was right), mentioning that K and I were headed to the Foo Fighters concert on Tuesday night. Our concert was at First Niagara Pavilion just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, about an hour and a half from our town. My hubby &… Continue reading Date Night with the Foo Fighters


A Life Inspired | 12 Months of Bliss

We're so close to fall I can feel it! (Actually, it HAS been pretty chilling in Ohio this week and I am definitely not complaining.) Today wraps up month #3 in the 12 Months of Bliss challenge (hosted by the lovely Emily at Ember Grey) and I absolutely feel inspired & refreshed. This month's challenge… Continue reading A Life Inspired | 12 Months of Bliss


A Weekend Recap & A Grateful Heart

Happy Monday! This week is going to be c.r.a.z.y. but so fun! I have my full-time job, two shifts at the part-time place, a Foo Fighters concert (WOO HOO!), a day off and a visit to my mom's classroom to meet her new kids, a hair cut (byeee long hair!) and a cookout with friends!… Continue reading A Weekend Recap & A Grateful Heart

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One Time, At Band Camp…

This may come as a shock, but I was a band kid. I started playing (saxophone) in 5th grade and didn't stop until the end of my freshman year in college (as a vibraphone player). My brother was in band. My husband was in band. My mom and dad were in band. (Sensing a trend… Continue reading One Time, At Band Camp…

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Fall Movie Challenge

I'm not very good at these challenges... (Remember my reading one? Refresh yourself HERE. Yeah... I'm still getting through the first book. So embarrassing...) Anyway, practice makes perfect and this challenge is hopefully do-able. There are prizes and such, but I want to participate for fun so I'm not concerned about that! Plus, I have… Continue reading Fall Movie Challenge

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Today I am Simply Grateful.

I hate divorce. I don't know any celebrities personally, but the half a dozen divorces that have been announced this summer break my heart. It makes me think about these people on their wedding day... I'm sure they were swimming in love and joy and gratefulness and celebration. How did it ever end up here,… Continue reading Today I am Simply Grateful.