A few months ago I put in a vacation request at my full-time job & at my part-time job for an entire week. The plan was to travel to a small resort just outside St. Louis, MO and spend the week with K, my parents, my brother & his gf, and my grandparents. My uncle lives in St. Louis so we’d be spending time with him, too. A week before the scheduled trip my husband told me that business was too good and he wouldn’t be able to take a week off. (K owns his own business.) I held out hope that we might be able to join my family halfway through the week, but K’s agenda just wouldn’t cooperate. He told me I could vacation without him, but I knew my absence would make for a miserable week for him and the pups. Last Sunday we waved goodbye as my family set off for Missouri… without us.

Last week I had a free week. No work, no part-time job, no family obligation. I am a Type-A planner so the idea of 7 days of “nothingness” freaked me out. I thought about going in to work. I thought about trying to figure out a way to join my family. I thought about filling my days with a strict schedule. But then I didn’t do any of that.

Lots of time for some adult coloring
Lots of time for some adult coloring

I slept in (even though I had intentions of doing early-morning hot yoga). I staying in athletic shorts all day. I didn’t touch the vacuum until Sunday and I let dishes pile up in the sink (for a few hours until I washed them…) I only did laundry when we ran out of clothes and I ignored my car that desperately needed cleaned-out. I completely ignored my blog and put aside all the other blogs I typically read. I only opened my IG app once or twice and I made 3 Facebook posts… two of them were just photos.

But I honestly feel like I got a lot done. I reorganized my craft room/office. I hung some photos and built some book shelves. I prepped some meals and make sure we had dinner and snacks all week. I went shopping and treated myself with coffee. I fed my parents’ (7) pets and spent some time relaxing on their back porch.


I spent a morning in Amish Country with my mother-in-law and I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio with Enzo to visit friends. (More about our dog park adventure on Friday!) I took time to just lay in bed, relax on my couch, and sort through memories. For the first time in a long time, gave myself permission to do nothing.

All worn out from our Columbus trip!

I’m back at work today and I feel incredibly refreshed. My family is home and safe, my house is clean and my laundry is done (thanks to some Sunday cleaning), and my husband is more caught up and feeling better about his work load.

I am so grateful for the past week. I’m so grateful to have the vacation time to spend doing nothing. I’m so grateful to start the week with a happy, refreshed heart.

Did you have a nice weekend? When is the last time you took the time to do nothing? Have you even been to Columbus Ohio? How about a dog park? I’ll see you on Friday for my puppy-park recap!


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

12 thoughts on “What Happened When I Took A Week Off

  1. I am reading a book called “Almost Amish” at the moment and would love to be able to go see Amish country 🙂

    Sometimes a break from ‘life’ is just what is needed. I am so thankful that as a teacher I get a lot of time off to holiday and to stay at home and rest. My husband gets four weeks holiday a year (we’re in Australia) and I often think that isn’t anywhere near enough time. I don’t know how people survive on less than that!


    1. Amish Country is incredibly charming and calming- if you ever get the chance you should definitely spend some time there 🙂

      How fortunate you and your husband are! (I’ve recently read that other countries get more vacation time and tend to be happier!) My mom is a teacher and I know she definitely enjoys summertime! This weekend my friends were talking about the 2 or 3 days of vacation they’ve accrued and I felt so lucky to have two weeks. Four weeks would be magnificent! Lol! Thanks for the comment, Samara!


  2. I truly think I can feel how relaxing last week was for you. Sometimes we just need to take a break and do only what is necessary! Hope your week back to work is good!.


    1. Two weeks ago I’d have called you crazy, Sheryl, but now I completely agree! This week was LONG overdue and so, so needed! I always put pressure on myself to fill free time and now I know that’s not necessary! Lesson learned! Thank you for reading!


  3. This sounds absolutely amazing. As a fellow Type-A planner, I often find myself a slave to lists. It’s nice (and refreshing) that you could take a week and just be.


    1. It was definitely refreshing, Alex 🙂 During the first few days I told my husband I was feeling itchy from all the free time, but I eventually adjusted and found it really enjoyable!


  4. It’s been a while since I did a weekend of just nothing, this last weekend was super busy but spent it with extended family I met for the first time so that was a great way to spend it if you’re going to be busy 🙂 I got to be a big kid and even had my face painted!!
    I think that sometimes you really do just need to spend time being just you, nothing busy, no trying to be something else, or thinking so much about what everyone wants and needs just a little bit of time to just be you! Glad you had a fab week off and managed to chill out and just do things you enjoyed. x


    1. I always feel like my weekends are C.R.A.Z.Y. We live in the same town as my family and my in-laws, so there’s always something going on or somewhere to be! It was nice to spend the weekdays lounging and recharging! 🙂 I should’ve had my face painted this week!! 😀


  5. loooove that you did this and then felt so refreshed afterwards! i’m totally type a too so thinking of all that open time demands my mind to want to schedule it.

    yay adult coloring and holy wow view from your back porch – gorgeous! it sounds like this is exactly what you needed!


    1. Despite my initial concerns it was definitely a much needed week 🙂 My parents’ have an INCREDIBLE view out in the country. Hopefully someday Kyle and I will build close to them and get the same evening views!!


  6. 🙂 So awesome. I love that you colored! I do that too, especially when I’m stressed or can’t sleep. You’ve prob noticed that I did something kind of similar this past week – although it wasn’t planned. It takes a few days to get into the grove of “nothingness” but then it feels SO great! 🙂 I’m so glad you found rest, Louise!


    1. I used to color all the time in college 😀 Haha! My grandma actually bought me this coloring book the week prior because she knew I’d have some down time! When I read your blog I was reminded of my week! How fun that you spent it with all your favorite people!! “Free weeks” are such a rare but wonderful blessing!


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