This Raw Life

Some of my favorite daily blogs are written by women who are incredibly honest and real. Sometimes they make a sponsored post or recap a vacation, but they usually talk about real experiences and feelings that have forced them to become a better version of themselves. They’re very good at writing about these things and it’s something I’d like to improve upon. I think this starts with meditation, devotionals, and actually taking time to sit in silence. Does that sound silly? I think it’s actually very necessary in this fast-paced world.

This Raw Life

I’m am a flawed human being. (We all are, actually.) My temper resembles a rollarcoaster and I am very argumentative. I have a husband that puts up with all that, but I’d like to be better. I’d like to be an even-tempered mom someday. I want to be a unbiased listener and a good friend to my loves. I want my decisions and my honesty to be guided by a grateful, patient, and open heart.

I would like to be invested in things that I truly care about. I want to watch less television and read more. I want to finish the novel that I’m writing and let others read it. I want to serve others (preferably those with cold noses and 4 legs) with a happy, energized heart. I’ve actually noticed my heart changing lately and I think it’s for the better.

I don’t want to completely change myself. I will always love Harry Potter and pull my dogs close when I lay down at night. I have an incredible support system made up of friends and family. Physically I feel good- You won’t see me in a bikini and my face looks like a hormonal teenager, but I don’t dislike me. I think that my goal is to turn my insides so positive that it radiates through my exterior and affects those around me.

How do you stay positive throughout the day? Any meditation advice? Who are some of your favorite bloggers?



4 thoughts on “This Raw Life

  1. i can SO relate to this! i am still smiling from you sentence of “I think that my goal is to turn my insides so positive that it radiates through my exterior and affects those around me.” that’s really beautiful.

    i really enjoy the guided meditations by deepak chopra and oprah (she talks for like a minute and he does the rest). it’s helped to change my inside and also reading and going through ‘the desire map’ has been instrumental so internal changes! thanks for being and raw!


    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I’ll check out those meditation guides! We have a (hot) yoga studio in town and I used to be pretty good about going but it’s fallen by the wayside. Hopefully I can get back to that, too!


  2. Love this! I can be argumentative as well and it’s something I struggle to reign in at times. I agree about the meditations Chelsea named. I did the 21 Day Gratitude one a month or so ago and although I didn’t do it everyday it was really good when I did.


    1. I’m really excited about throwing myself into meditation and dragging my butt to the local yoga studio more! I’m doing a “12 Months of Bliss” challenge right now and September’s challenge is to stretch for 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes at night! It sounds so relaxing to me!


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