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We’re so close to fall I can feel it! (Actually, it HAS been pretty chilling in Ohio this week and I am definitely not complaining.) Today wraps up month #3 in the 12 Months of Bliss challenge (hosted by the lovely Emily at Ember Grey) and I absolutely feel inspired & refreshed.

This month’s challenge was a creative and a personal dare. Participants were tasked with creating a physical inspiration board (no Pinterest!) filled with comforting, motivating, inspiring things! The board could be a cork bulletin board or an 8 x 11 paper- just so long as you filled it with quotes, pictures, & trinkets that inspire you! If you need some inspiration for your inspiration montage my friend Dana at the Creative Beastie gives some great advice on creating a “Vision Board.


I’ve been meaning to make an inspiration board for so long, but this challenge finally inspired me! (Hehe!)


I love cork board so I found this 17 x 23 board on Amazon for less than $15! My inspiration board includes my favorite quotes and Bible verses, pictures of foxes (always) and a thank you note from my best friend Erica sent after her baby shower in January. All these things make me feel happy and blessed every day.


Of course I have a few specific “pins” as well.

I pinned a photo of Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!) because I’m already in the Halloween-zone and I’m totally feeling a Tim Burton-y party this year. (Check out last year’s bash!) Honestly, there is no better Halloween-esque movie than Beetlejuice. (Harry Potter doesn’t count because the plot spans the entire school year and because wizards/witches aren’t just for Halloween.)


Enzo’s first collar is also hanging on the board because it reminds me of how adoption and rescue can save so many lives. I can’t wait to make more of a difference and open a shelter someday!

The Deathly Hallows (from Harry Potter) represents my love of reading and writing- which I credit to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone… since I was 11-ish when Harry first got his letter to Hogwarts. (Yep, yep. I am the real Harry Potter generation! These teenie-boppers don’t know nothing! Hehe.)

Ginnifer Goodwin is only on my board because I’m channeling that hairstyle when I head to the salon on Saturday! I can’t wait!

Last but not least, the comic on the right side of my board has been hanging on my wall/fridge/bulletin boards for a very, very long time. (You can see how the paper is yellowing.) It’s been a constant reminder that A) the planet is a precious, precious gift that we shouldn’t take for granted and B) though we may have opposable thumbs, we are not above other humans or animals in the grand scheme of things.


I love that I finally have an inspiration board hanging in my office. I feel so awesome when I look at it!

What would/will be on your inspiration board? Want to join in for these last 9 months? Please do!
Check out the June & July challenges as well!


EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

5 Comments Add yours

  1. embergrey says:

    So sorry if this shows as a duplicate entry!

    Makes me SO happy to know you feel inspired & refreshed!!!! I love your board – especially the collar since it involves a dream of yours- so cool that you want to open your own shelter ❤ Can't wait to see your hair!! I love the cut idea!

    And yes, YAY for fall and Halloween – we have friends getting married on Halloween this year and I keep telling her I'm going to show up dressed as a bride, haha 😉


    1. Louise says:

      I’m sorry my comment section is giving you fits! 😦

      I can’t believe my little munchkin was ever tiny enough to wear that collar!! It was the first thing we bought him when we brought him home 🙂 A wedding on Halloween?? That’s awesome! If the stars had aligned the year we got married I’d have totally gone for that! That will be so fun!!


  2. thank you for acknowledging that “wizards/witches aren’t just for Halloween.)” loved seeing the deathly hallows up there and your puppy’s collar! glad you are finding this helpful and inspiring that’s awesome!


    1. Louise says:

      Harry Potter should be celebrated 365 days of the year 😉 For some reason blog challenges motivate me to get my rear in gear. I can’t wait to try to Avery “Days of Kindness” challenge next time around!


  3. Michelle says:

    Hello from Ember’s 12MofBliss…. great board, a little funny, a little style, a little serious. A little of everything. Enjoyed it! It was so fun to create these this month.


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