Date Night with the Foo Fighters

Last Monday I voiced how busy I expected my week to be (and I was right), mentioning that K and I were headed to the Foo Fighters concert on Tuesday night. Our concert was at First Niagara Pavilion just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, about an hour and a half from our town.

My hubby & I have seen many bands and singers live, but this was our first Foo experience.


Overall it was a great concert and the people sitting on either side of us were pretty decent (which definitely affects the experience of a concert). I’d never heard of the opening band, Royal Blood, but they didn’t suck the dudes beside us were pretty jazzed about them.


. . .


. . .


When the Foo Fighters came on it was past 8:30 so the old man and I knew we were in for a late night. Fortunately, the band is incredibly good, Dave Grohl is one funny dude, and the concert was very entertaining.

Did you know this summer is called “The Broken Leg Tour”? Dave Grohl spends the entire show on a guitar throne because he broke his leg. Not funny, but actually really funny.

I didn't want to be that girl with my phone out so I took one crappy picture of the band and put it away.
I didn’t want to be that girl with my phone out so I took one crappy picture of the band and put it away.

By the end K and I had newfound respect for Taylor Hawkins and his amazing, resilient drummer body. I can’t fathom playing that hard, fast, and consistent for 3 hours. Dang.

The lawn seats all lit up with phones/lighters.
The lawn seats all lit up with phones/lighters.

I am a firm believer in crowd to concert ratio. If the band has a crappy fan base then the concerts will be a pile of poo. For example, I dread country concerts. I love the music but some people just don’t know how to drink/celebrate/behave and it shows at concert venues.

I was pleasantly surprised by the FF crowd. And shocked at the diversity. Next to Dave Matthews, the Foo crowd might be my favorite. (Worst crowd I’ve ever seen? John Mayer. Rude, drunk, wanna-be hippies.)

In the end, we had a lovely date night and I’m so glad I could pry my husband away from his work long enough to enjoy the evening. Our drive home was quick, I took Wednesday off work, and we got to cross off another concert on our bucket list.

What’s your favorite band to see live? How was your weekend?


Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. so glad you had fun and loved that photo of the people on the lawn all lit up! also happy to hear that the foo fighters draw a good crowd too (you’re totally right…the fans can make it or break it). i’m always a fan of seeing guster!!!


    1. Louise says:

      I love going to the outside concert venues around us! We have one 45 minutes north of use and there’s this one near Pittsburgh! Lawn seats are a less expensive option and (if the crowd is right) just as fun! I’ll have to check out Guster!


    2. Louise says:

      Oh, I’ve heard their song Satellite!


  2. cheriejamison says:

    Foo Fighters are the best! I’ve never been to one of their headlining concerts, but I saw them at the Bamboozle festival a few years ago. They were amazing and are for sure one of the best bands I’ve seen live. Dave Grohl seems like such a cool, genuine guy.

    I totally agree that the crowd helps make or break the concert! I’m not surprised about the John Mayer fans.


    1. Louise says:

      I absolutely agree about Dave Grohl. My husband and I creeped on him online and I really love that he’s a family man, too!! Haha! I bet they’re awesome at a festival! I’ve only ever been to Warped Tour and it POURED on us, haha!


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