County Bumpkins

On Monday I wrestled with the luxury of air conditioning, but then I spent most of the day outside! Every Labor Day and Memorial Day my parents host a shooting day for friends and/or family. Yep, shooting. Guns. Outside. (Yee-haw, right?!)

Country Bumpkins

The summer before my junior year of high school my mom and dad bought 75 acres of land outside city limits. It’s a very quaint little homestead that we’ve lovingly named Happy Valley. Ten of those acres are cleared and there was already a large garage when they took possession but my parents needed a house. And my dad needed a bigger garage. And now my husband is going to add onto the original garage with his business. And someday we plan on building a house out there… So “homestead” is actually a very accurate term.

Anyway, it’s in the hills of Ohio and allows us to do whatever we want, be it hunt, four-wheel, have bon fires, hike, set off fire works, or target shoot. Fortunately, we strictly kept it to shooting on Monday. Kind of.

Typically we just shoot bottles, targets, and clay pigeons, but someone brought Tannerite to the party and we got creative. Tannerite is an explosive powder that reacts with a high impact force… so when you tape the container to an old paint can things get really fun.


Our first attempt didn’t go well… We put the can on a stump way out in the field and missed the explosive target all together and ended up with a shoot-up can. It was fun, but not the results we were looking for…

So then we moved the target closer & secured the container of Tannerite šŸ™‚

All that remained of the can… hehehe.

As a finale we decided to make a paint can pyramid with the Tannerite target in the middle of the cans. I didn’t get a picture of the target, but I did document the results. The top can also shot 30-ish feet into the air. Super cool.

I think my dad made every “kill shot.” He really doesn’t hunt often, but he is an incredible shooter. Maybe it’s all those John Wayne movies or the country that runs through his blood. Whatever it is, my dad is extremely accurate with a gun. (My brother’s very talented, too.)


Yes, it’s destructive. Yes, we clean up our messes. Yes, we respect gun safety and use eye and ear protection. We’ve all been shooting for years and know what we’re doing. Also, I do NOT condone the casual use of Tannerite. It’s very explosive and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

. . .

Sometimes my parents host a lunch, but on Monday they started at 10:30am and called it brunch. It was a hot day, but that didn’t stop them from cooking potatoes and pork chops over a fire. We also had scrambled eggs, fruit, cinnamon rolls, French toast casserole, coffee cake, and cookies! Food just tastes better coming from a cast iron pan, ya know?

I whipped up a watermelon fruit bowl and made a yummy fruit dip. I totally failed and forgot to take a picture, though. Anyway, I wanted to share the fruit dip recipe because it’s amazing…

Mix two 1 oz. boxes of instant vanilla jello, one 8oz. tub of whip cream, and one 32 oz. container of vanilla yogurt.
Chill for 30 minutes.

Boom. DONE. If you want to be healthy use sugar free/light/low-fat ingredients. It’s so good. And you can totally eat it without fruit šŸ˜‰

. . .

What did you do for Labor Day? Do you like target shooting? What are your plans for this 4-day week?

Ā -Louise




6 thoughts on “County Bumpkins

  1. whoa too cool that they have 75 acres to do whatever you please on! i have never shot a gun…they sort of freak me out. my grandpa and uncles all hunt but i’ve never been into that. this labor day we traveled back from CO and i started organizing my closet. i think you win…


    1. Hahaha, I don’t know… I do love an organized closet! šŸ˜€ I don’t hunt but I have been shooting guns since I was young. I like shattering bottles (and TVs), not critters. I think understanding they way they work and being confident behind one makes me less nervous about them (when they’re in the right hands).


  2. Isn’t living out in the country the best?! My in-laws own a ton of land a couple of hours from us and we can go up there and do anything we want. My husband (being a major fish and hunt kind of guy) is in hog heaven up there.


    1. I definitely love being out in the country. My parents moved us out there my junior year of high school so I was a little bitter to be out of civilization, but now I crave it! Haha!


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