My Number 1 has Type 1

Guys… I’m so excited to write this post today. I’d like to introduce you to my best friend Erica. She’s made a few appearances in baby related posts (like the baby shower post & Elliot Rose’s birth) but today is all about her!


When I first met Erica I was am 100% convinced she hated me. But that’s a story for a rainy day. In the Summer of 2009 Erica  and I started down the long, easy road of best-friendship. Between Bollywood dance parties and dinosaur rehearsals and pre-wedding pep talks and matching cat shirts, there’s no one more qualified to be one of my best friends.

Just before Erica and I discovered one another’s awesomeness, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, known as juvenile diabetes. I wasn’t close with Erica during her diagnosis, but I know that it was a total shock to her system. T1 diabetes is not associated with weight or exercise, but Erica has always been fit and healthy so, regardless, it was tough news to take in.

Let me pause and tell you about Erica. She is a physical therapist assistant and a wedding planner. She can ride a motorcycle and she’s gone skydiving. In high school Erica traveled the country in a bus and performed in stadiums all over the US. She’s a mentally, physically, and emotionally tough lady. She’s a mom, a firefighter’s wife, and a damn good best friend.

Erica 4

Don’t even get me started on her sense of humor. Do you get their Halloween costume? HAHA! #milkman

If anyone can handle the challenges and emotions that come with diabetes, it’s Erica. But I really wish my friend didn’t have to handle it. I wish she didn’t have to monitor her sugar levels while planning for and carrying Elliot. I wish she didn’t need to sew a pocket into the lining of her wedding dress to hold her medical equipment. I wish she didn’t have to prick her finger in the middle of sophisticated (adult) drink night. I wish there was a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Our weddings!

Our weddings!

On Saturday, September 19th K and I are joining Erica and her friends & family to walk for a cure with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. If you feel so inclined, you can donate to the cause HERE.

Erica is very active in every role she fills, but her diagnosis has since lit a new fire inside her. She is dedicated to her own health as well as supporting the health of other men and women going through life with juvenile diabetes. She is open about her struggles and triumphs with T1D and she is passionate about helping others live an active, healthy, adventurous life. Erica isn’t defined or limited by diabetes; she’s motivated and driven by it- driven to help others, stay fit, and find a cure.

Erica 1

Thanks for reading, everyone. Please educate yourself on T1D and say a little prayer for those wishing, hoping, and walking for a cure. Type 1 diabetes can affect anyone. Once again, if you’d like to donate to the JDRF you can do that HERE.


JDRF One Walk

7 thoughts on “My Number 1 has Type 1

  1. awww what a sweet post and your soulfriend erica sounds absolutely amazing! glad you are joining forces and doing the diabetes walk for a cure! type 1 diabetes is in my family so i’ve seen the struggles to get it under control and maintain a level of health. it can be scary and hard but sounds like she’s dealing with it so well and education others!


  2. What a wonderful post and what looks like an amazing friendship! My dad hast type 1 Diabetes so I have been familiar with it my whole life. Before he got his pump (for what I’m assuming Erica had to sew the pocket in her dress for) he used to have to give himself shots before every meal. It’s not a life I’d wish on anyone, and after seeing my dad seizure because of a reaction I know just how scary and life threatening it can be! Since T1 is often genetic there’s a good chance my kids (it skips a generation) could have T1 as well. I hope more than anything we can find a cure by then!


    • Thanks, Laura! T1d can be so scary and I’m really glad Erica detected the problem and now controls it without too many major health scares. I definitely hope we find a cure soon, too! Thanks for the comment!


    • Thank you, Caroline! Fortunately Erica has helpful medical equipment and her daily activities aren’t drastically affected by her diabetes, but it’s great to support her when I can and be there for big days like the walk on Saturday!


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