When I was 2 years, six months, and 21 days old I met my little brother, Fred. According to witnesses, I wasn’t 100% on board with the new addition and I suggested we give him back. Fortunately for Fred, my parents ignored my only-child pleas and brought him home for good.


That cute little 2 1/2 year old didn’t know how lucky she was. Sure, now she had to share her toys and her parents, but she suddenly had a built-in best friend. Yeah, he occasionally scalped her Barbies and wrecked her games of “house” and “school”, but overall he was an excellent co-pilot/test dummy/guinea pig.


Well, last week my little test dummy proposed to his girlfriend. (Cue the 1 am phone call I received last Monday night.) My brain is still confused because I swear last month he was that kid who spent hours laying out his Pokemon cards or building sandcastles in the backyard with the garden hose. Then I blinked and he became a 22 year old, engaged, nearly-college-graduated adult. When did I enter this alternate universe and where did my crayons go?


All jokes aside, my brother’s cute little life partner is a serious catch. She’s smart, faith-driven, and totally committed to my baby brother. I am so excited to call her my sister and my friend. They’re an incredibly dapper match and to quote the great Taylor Swift, “they’ll never go out of style.” (I’m serious- she’s a fashion blogger: The Daily Sugar. They really are very stylish. I can’t even begin to imagine her wedding dress!)


Congratulations, Fred & Christina! I’m so excited and happy for you! I can’t wait to celebrate your love and to watch it grow, strengthen, and flourish over the course of your life together!!


Feeling very grateful for my love-filled, growing family!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

7 thoughts on “My Baby Brother & New Sister!

  1. Aww, such a cute post! Congrats to your brother and his soon to be! Sister in law’s are so great! Both of mine are amazing women and I’m so glad they are part of my life. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I love having a sister-in-law and I’m actually adding a second one this month 🙂 Then Christina! It’s nice since I only grew up with a brother, haha!


  2. How exciting! I have a similar experience… My little sister is turning 21 I March. Every time I see her, I think “Are you old enough to do this?” It’s crazy. And now I feel old.


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