Happy Wednesday, ghouls and goblins! Are you enjoying the crisp weather? I might’ve overdone it and left the windows open too long… my poor little munchkin was shivering this morning! Oops! Good thing I had his sweater all clean and ready to go! (Yep, I’m one of those people…)


Since there are only three and a half weeks until Halloween, now is the perfect time to create a costume! You’ve also got enough time to find a partner or a date or convince your significant other/best friend to dress up… so today we will zero in on partner & group costumes! (This is one of three costume posts, so stick around for more ideas in weeks to come!)

Quail Man & Patty Mayonnaise
A little 90s love for your Wednesday pleasure. You really only need a belt…


. . .

Soap & A Luffa
This is a costume I’ve never attempted, but look how cute my in-laws are!


. . .

A cat lady & her cats
Yes, we really did this. Yes, those cute little kittens are my husband, my brother, and our friend. Yes, it took a long time to live this one down…


. . .

Rosie the Riveter & Pilot
Technically this can be a solo costume, but we had the coveralls, the flight suit, the bandanna, and the glasses so we made it a couples costume! This is one of my favorites!


. . .

Inside Out Emotions
I’m so excited to see some of our friends decked out as emotions for our Halloween party this year!


This year will be another couples costume for us, but I’m not going to spill the beans quite yet! My husband and I are hosting a PIXAR themed Halloween Party on the 31st so there’s your first hint!

Have you ever participated in a group or couples costume? How did it turn out? What pair or group would you go as if you had unlimited resources??



12 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes | Part 1

  1. I love doing group costumes with my friends, we did the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus last year! John and I can never agree so we don’t do couples costumes but next year we are hosting a Legends of the Hidden Temple Halloween party and we’re team Silver Snakes. This year… who knows! I want to be April from Sharknado with Hawkeye as my shark. John’s not sold on being Finn though, but I don’t care!


    1. I swear we start talking about our costume in September every year because it’s such a PAIN IN THE BUTT to agree on one. I was actually against this years costume because it’s a lot of work, but he won me over. Haha! I think a Legends of the Hidden Temple party sounds AWESOME!!!


  2. I’ve been trying to think of a good costume for us this year. We’ve done quite a few over the years.
    I LOVE the pink loofa & soap costume. I just like all the PINK 🙂
    All the emotions – that’s a fun idea. Perfect for a gang of people!


    1. I swear we spend September brainstorming a good costume each and every year 🙂 The loofa costume was made by a friend of my mother-in-law and the soap was purchased, but they just look so good!! Haha!


    1. A few of our friends have teamed up to make the emotions and I can’t wait to see them pull it off at our party! My friends always have great costumes each year!


  3. okay, this is adorable! I love the cat lady idea! And your in-laws! How cute are they?! We have never done a couple costume and we’ve been together 8 years! I haven’t even dressed up since college… need to change that this year!


    1. Oh man, you definitely need to find a couples costume for this year!! My husband just texted me this morning with another idea that had me cracking UP! Haha, Halloween is so much fun!


    1. Oh man… I bet Portland has some super cool events going on around Halloween. We make our own fun here 🙂 (You’re more than welcome to come to our party, haha!) I bet there are so many fun Halloween options to match your lipstick!


  4. Aww, I just love your pup’s fox sweater! I never thought I’d be the sort of person who dressed my dog up in clothes, but then I adopted a very short-haired pit bull mix and realized that she actually does get cold quite easy. I’m embarrassed to admit how into her outfits I’ve gotten though, hehe.



    1. Giiiiiirl, this is an embarrassment-free zone here! Both my dogs have clothes and I already have their Halloween costumes 😉 My husband things I’m a loon but I’m perfectly ok with that! Haha! (Now I need to scour your blog for pics of your little lady!)


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