Keeping with the fall theme, today I’m offering up three of my favorite things about fall!

Honeycrisp Apples
In the days of my youth I knew not the difference between a peach and an apricot. Nowadays I’m like a pro. (Kidding. I think the difference is the fuzz. Is there anything else? They’re like the same thing.) A few autumns ago Erica and I went to an apple orchard in Amish Country and I learned the difference between honeycrisp apples and all the rest. The difference is HC apples are the tastiest and the others are average. That’s really all you need to know. I love munching on the sweetness of a honeycrisp apple! Go try one if you haven’t yet!


When I wear one of my million sweatshirts my husband likes to inform me that the 90s called and they’re pretty peeved that I still have their sweatshirt. To this I say, “Poppycock.” In high school I loved my hoodies, but as a young adult on the verge of average adult on the verge of soccer mom (love this hair cut), I can’t get enough of the good, ol’ fashion, non-hooded sweatshirt. I prefer wearing scarves and hats with the basic design of this beefed-up long sleeve shirt. I like that it makes me feel vintage. I like that they’re in style for now. (And when they fall out of style I’m staying strong and holding on tightly to my Lion King crewneck and my Gryffindor alum sweatshirt!)


When I was a kid my dad and I were members of the YMCA program Indian Princesses. (Yellow-knifes forever!) This meant that we met monthly with other dads and daughter to make crafts, have fun, and bond with our dads. Twice a year we did a weekend campout at a YMCA camp, one in fall and one in spring. I will always remember these weekends with a smile. First of all, all my best friends were in Indian Princesses. Secondly, our activities consisted of canoeing, bonfires, horse back riding (not a highlight), fire-cooked foods, hot chocolate, guitars around a fire, late nights, sneaking around, cute & sometimes-scary rituals, and staying up way too late, getting sick, and coming home covered in mud. We also had a super serious water balloon fight each year. (Seriously, I was almost abducted once by an enemy tribe!) This is before 10 and 12 year olds had cell phones, so we were totally disconnected from home/internet. This was a weekend away with our dads who pretty much let us get crazy dirty and lost in the woods (when they weren’t with us canoeing, hiking, or also getting lost). Fall has always been my favorite, possibly because of Indian Princesses & my dad. I love being outside in October. I love sitting around a blazing outdoor fire. I love looking up and seeing nothing but a moon and a million stars.


So those are my favorite things about fall (plus pumpkins, scarves, boots, warm drinks, the colors, mums, gourds, apple cider, cool air, open windows, marching band, Halloween, Thanksgiving, frost, leaves, bare trees, four wheeling, hiking, haunted mazes, parties, festivals, my birthday…. ).

What’s your favorite part of fall? Do you have any fall date nights planned? Maybe a trip to see some changing leaves?


9 thoughts on “My Friday Fall Favorites

  1. Honeycrips are so good! There is one that I like better but I can’t seem to find it in IL. In Iowa, they have ones that taste like cinnamon straight off the tree. They’re amazing, they come out in early September. I’m obsessed.


  2. so sweet that had those experiences with your dad. i love hearing father/daughter things 🙂 interesting name for a camp, was it on a native american reservation or something? i love the crisp air in fall and sleep with the window still cracked so you can get all snuggly!


    1. Indian Princesses (girls & dads) and Indian Guides (boys & dads) were the programs put on by the YMCA. Then they were broken down even further into “tribes.” The name has since been changed since things are a little touchy in the politically correct world, but that’s what it was called when I was a kid 🙂 I loooove cracking the window! Lucky for me I sleep next to it and K is on the door-side of the bed so I get the cool breeze all night!


  3. I just had my first honeycrisp not too long ago & now always keep an eye out for them to be on sale. Of course they are the most expensive apple.

    I always am looking for great comfy sweatshirts… nothing better to wear in fall!


    1. You’re absolutely right- they are SO expensive. I can only spoil my household every once in a while. So worth it though 🙂

      I loooove sweatshirt, especially if they have a vintage look to them. (Or if they’re Harry Potter, ha!)


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