Dear Kyle,

Today marks eight years since I became yours and you became mine. It’s been eight years since you met my entire family, since my Aunt Pudgie told me what a nice young man you were, since you gifted me a beautiful silver cross necklace. Eight years since my parents gave me the best birthday present: permission to date the 20 year old that spent the last 6 months proving he’s worthy of their 17 year-old-daughter’s affection. It’s been eight years since we said goodbye to my birthday guests and leaned against your car in the driveway at the garage (long before it was your workshop) and you said, “So, we’re dating now, right?”

Kyle and Audrey. We’ve been Kyle and Audrey for eight years. Four years ago today you took me to dinner and bought me Starbucks and gave me a show-stopping ring. And of course I said, “yes.” Four years ago we decided that it was a forever thing. But I actually decided that eight years ago. I think you did, too.

I was such a wreck at 17. And I am such a wreck at 25. But you still love me. And I will always love you. I will always choose you. Always. The next eight years will be hard. They’ll also be easy at times. Sometimes I won’t like you and you won’t like me. But I will always choose you. I know that at times we will have to make this choice. But over anything or anyone, I choose you. For the next eight years and beyond.

I love our home because you live there. I love our dogs because they love you. I love vacation (and also slightly despise it) because you come with me. You’re my safe place. It’s the safest, most honest, challenging, coziest place in my world. You are the steel you weld- you’re honest, raw, and strong. You’re the foundation for so many incredible things: our love, our family, our life.

And I know I rarely say it (ha), but I am so damn proud of you. You have done so much in these last eight years. You work so incredibly hard to do good and make good. And I do, too. And we’re so lucky to have one another. I love that you can finish my sentences. I love that I know what you’re thinking. I love where we are right now- just you, me, Enzo, and Lylee. Paying the mortgage, building a business, working multiple jobs, and bonding over The Mindy Project and Fast ‘N Loud. I’m so in love with you.

So happy (original) anniversary to us. Our wedding was awesome, but this is my favorite anniversary because it’s the day I found my equal. I’m so happy to create more memories with you that I will remember random details about. I love you.


. . . . .


12 thoughts on “Dear Kyle || the letter link up

    1. Thanks, Erin 🙂 Some days I want to strangle him… but I’m comfortable with that frustration. Haha! It’s so weird to me that we’ve officially been engaged and/or married for the same amount of time we dated!


  1. Such a sweet letter to your man! Eight years of choosing each other and learning so much about each other. I’m glad you have such a safe place in your husband.


    1. We were definitely young, haha, which came with its own set of difficulties, but everything worked out just how it should with only minor bumps and bruises along the way 🙂 Who knows what’s in store!


    1. Thank you, Chelsea! I feel so greedy “celebrating” (or at least acknowledging) two anniversaries… but them I’m like, ‘No! I can celebrate our relationship whenever I want to!’ Haha, it’s that new wifestyle mindset at work!


  2. you make my heart smile. i mean, literally, i just feel such a warm little smile in my soul because seven years ago i pledged a sorority and it was through that sorority that i met jason. seven years ago i had NO CLUE that the man i was going to marry would dance behind me in a shady bar. and yet, it happened. and i wonder what does seven years from now look like? and what surprises are right here that i just don’t know about yet! 🙂


    1. I think it’s completely and totally insane how little decision create a foundation for huge moments 🙂 Thank goodness my parents made me take high school band and you pledge your sorority!


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