This weekend felt long and short, all at the same time. You know what I mean, right? On Saturday I watched my brother-in-law say “I do” to his stunning fiancee wife and a lot of K’s family members were in town so we were very social all weekend. Additionally, my uncle was visiting from St. Louis so I tried to spend some time with my side of the family, too. This introvert had a wonderful time, but I could use a few hours alone under the covers with a book and a flashlight to recharge.

Instead, how about an inspirational motivational appropriate quote to get me to Friday (because I have Friday off this week so I can put all my efforts into our Halloween party)!


I’m so grateful to start the week alive, caffeinated, and positive!

(Side notes: This weekend I also joined a Harry Potter book club! On Tuesday I get to dress up for my retail job and pass out candy. And I still have to carve some pumpkins this week! Any carving recommendations?? Remember, PIXAR party theme!)



Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


8 thoughts on “Welcome to October’s Last Monday

    1. I was looking for something a little more light and airy… but that one just summed up my week too perfectly 😀 The book club is actually long distance and via Facebook. If you want to join in I’d be happy to add you!


  1. What?! A HP book club?! I wanna join. I still need to carve pumpkins too and I’m considering taking Friday off to re-charge and finalize my costume. Now off to get another cup of coffee to get me through this Monday… oh and for pumpkins, Minions are Pixar right? I’ve seen lots of cute painted ones (so not carved I guess). I did see a cute picture of one of the aliens from Toy Story though!


    1. I was supposed to take the Friday before my birthday off and we were going to go away for the weekend… but we just didn’t want to drive +7 hours and get a dog sitter and do that. So I switched my “off day” so I could prep for the party! 🙂 Minions aren’t Pixar or they’d be PERFECT! I have seen some alien pumpkins (Toy Story) and Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.) pumpkins, though!


    1. Coffee is definitely no joke! I’m at one (or two) cups a day, but there was a point I drank 4… I also indulged in energy drinks while in college. NEVER AGAIN!


  2. when I saw the title of this post, I was like, whoa, chill out it is NOT the last Monday of the month…and then realized it was and promptly freaked out into my coffee. gah. as far as pumpkins, I feel like maybe a minion from despicable me could look adorable on the right shaped pumpkin, or maybe a trio of toy-story themed characters?


    1. I think all of 2015 has completely FLOWN by… It makes me a little sad! The minions aren’t Pixar but I like your thoughts on a Toy Story trio! Thanks for the suggestion!!


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