Three days until Halloween!! The rest of my week consists of last minute costume details, pumpkin carving, house cleaning, and food prepping! In hindsight, I should’ve written a post about dog costumes, especially since Ly & Enzo will be adorable this year, but I just didn’t have the time/interest. I did write a few costumes posts and a party-prep article:

Today I will share some last minute costumes that are easy to assemble and can be made with household staples or a quick trip to the store!

Last night our local mall had a two hour trick-or-treat event. Since I work part-time at a retail store there I was lucky enough to be scheduled & pass out candy! I had to come up with a costume fast and my mom just happened to have ears and a tail in her costume box. Add some black clothes, a little make-up, and voila!


. . .

In college I had the genius idea to buy a white bed sheet, find some plastic snakes at the dollar store, and experiment with fake lashes. Medusa was a super easy costume to whip together in a day!

(Another shot of cute little Dobby.)

. . .

Everyone has a flannel shirt. Hat and boots are optional so long as you can braid in some pigtails and dot your cheeks with freckles! (I actually dress like this sometimes (sans the freckles), so it’s not really a costume to me… haha.)


. . .

Ninja Turtle
This one takes a little more effort, but my friend Sarah made these costumes with some ribbon, green shirts, and paint!


. . .

A Witch
If you don’t have a witch’s hat lying around I bet you can find one at ANY store this time of year. Spice things up and use some hair chalk to turn your locks green or glue beetles to nylon stockings and make people squirm!


In case you’re wondering, our costumes are coming along quite nicely. We have a local costume store in town that rents costumes so I have a green dress on hold for Saturday. Kyle’s costume is a DIY project and I think we finally have all the pieces.

He would be upset if I revealed his costume before the party so I’ll tell you about the dogs instead 🙂 Enzo will be Buzz Lightyear (a costumes that has served us well three years in a row) and Lylee is going as Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo!

Do you dress up your pets? Have you ever been a “monster” (i.e. witch, vampire, ghost) for Halloween?


12 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes | Part 3

  1. I’ve been a cowgirl and a cat too! And a monster (vampire, witch, devil) and of course Hawkeye gets a costume. This year she’s going to be a shark and I’m going to be April from Sharknado.


  2. my favorite costume I’ve ever worn was a treasure troll, complete with nude bodysuit, nude tights, and stuck up green hair! never been a monster, but I’m a big fan of doing silly things with my hair and face, and not looking too “pretty”. this year Amelia’s going to be a baby shark haha.


    1. That’s an awesome costume!! Last year I made my husband wear a bald cap and fake nose and dressed him as Gru from Despicable Me! Haha! I was a minion (and so were the dogs)!


  3. Looking back on your other posts I LOVE the crazy cat lady one! Hahaha too funny! Last year my friends convinced me to do scary/sexy and I don’t’ really even know what I was other than covered in makeup and in a corset. I prefer costumes like yours that are more funny, and of course easy! I think you saw in my post, just doing the black cat thing. Again. As usual. And YES to dressing up the pets!!!!!


    1. Thank you!! My freshman year of college I tried the whole sexy thing and just hated it. HA! I can’t even remember what I was? Maybe a librarian? (Oh geez, that’s awful! Ha!) Last year I was so NOT sexy as a minion and the year before that I did a vampire (who admittedly had nice cleavage, ha). I just love coming up with cool things! And my dogs ALWAYS have a cute costume! hehe!


    1. That’s awesome 🙂 My dad has a country soul, too, but it’s rubbed off on me. I have cowboy boots and a hat and bandannas and flannel shirts… because I wear them in real life! Ha!


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