November always makes me extra thankful. I try to carry this attitude into the other 11 months, but November (and Thanksgiving) gives me that extra little push. Last year I posted weekly about the things I was thankful for and this year Fridays will be my weekly dose of thankfulness!

Today I’m going to share a story about K that has kept my heart full and glowing.

A few weeks ago K went to his normal hair salon and got his normal cut. His stylist was very new to the job but one of his usual girls was coaching her along (and K assured the girls that it was just hair and it would grow back). After it was all over (and there were no major mistakes), K noticed that the girl who’d been assisting was half asleep at her salon chair. He was going to tease her about it, but she shared that she hadn’t been to sleep in two days because she was working two jobs to keep her and her (unemployed) boyfriend feed and housed. When K went to the counter to pay he tipped his stylist a fair amount and left $20 for the half-asleep girl.

(Can I just stop here and tell you how much I love my husband?)

Later we talked about the girl’s tight situation. He said that another stylist in the salon was getting ready to pawn a ring so that she and her boyfriend could afford necessities. It was a certainly a holy-cow-we-are-blessed moment for him.

So often we joke about having no money to pick up steaks at the grocery store or buy a new pair of shoes at the mall, but in all honesty we have full tummies, spoiled dogs, and a warm place to sleep every night. Some people work so, so hard and still don’t have those things guaranteed to them. I know this, and I know you know this, but every once in a while the reminder is a serious punch to the gut.

K and I would survive without all our luxuries, but I am thankful that we don’t have to right now. More than that, I am thankful for a grounded husband who notices when others are struggling and does what he can to lessen their burden.




Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


14 thoughts on “Thankful Fridays

    1. Originally I start out doing a daily think on Facebook but this just feels more organized 🙂 My husband is a sarcastic, business-type guy but every once in a while he definitely surprises me and reminds me of his sweet side!


  1. I have a coworker that when I hear what she has to do to make it with all her medical bills, I realize how blessed I am to just go stop at Starbucks whenever I want without though… the things we take for granted.
    How sweet to give that tip!


    1. I took my husband and his employees some McDonalds for lunch today and found out after I’d driven away that they jipped me a small fry…. I was fussy for a second before I realized that it’s just a dollar and there are better things to be irritated about! Little reminders are such blessings!


  2. This is such a great story and reminder to be grateful. I always complain a lot about “being poor” and not being able to have Target trips or daily Starbucks but in reality I have so, so much already I should be thankful for. Especially when there are others that have so little. Your husband was so thoughtful to do what he did and help out, even if just a little. Definitely a keeper!


    1. I complain A LOT about money and my husband does, too, but his retelling of his stylist and how sad it made him was a total forehead-slap for both of us. He such a teasing, goofy guy but he definitely has a thoughtful side, too 🙂


    1. I sincerely hope it helped her. He always teases the girls at his salon and jokes with them about life’s hardships but I love when he subtly pays it forward. He works so hard to keep his sweet side a secret 😉 haha!


  3. It’s easy to take the little things for granted. Thank you for the reminder that we should be grateful for our basic met needs: food, shelter, clothing. It sounds like you have a generous husband who cares greatly about the people around him.

    This month, a friend and I are hosting a weekly blog link-up each week called Thankful Thursday. She usually hosts it the last Thursday of each November, but to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re doing it every week. I’d love for you to join us! It’s not too late to share this post with us.


  4. Oh what a wonderful story. You do have a special husband for sure! We all forget to be thankful for our basic needs. I am certainly guilty of taking them for granted. It’s kinda nice to feel punched in the gut every once in a while and be reminded that we’re taken care of and not everybody is so blessed. And then we take action to help those others. Thanks so much for the reminder and for linking up with Thankful Thursday!


    1. Thanks, Charlene! It’s crazy how life little stories can affect us if we let them 🙂 I’m glad Brita invited me to link-up! I will remember to join in next week, too!


  5. Woof. Moments like this are so humbling. So, so deeply humbling because WHY AM I SO BLESSED? I realize it’s so easy to wonder why other people have it “better” than us… But what about when we are the people who (appear) to have it so easy? Oooooph. Just so much of a humbling experience. 🙂


    1. Absolutely. Lately I’ve tried very hard to be appreciative and resist complaining when something doesn’t go my way. It sucks, but there are plenty of things that suck worse and I am very fortunate in the grand scheme of things. It’s always good to be reminded.


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