Thankful Fridays

In case you missed it on Monday I went a little off script and listed the things that I believe are important for our next president to address/believe. This is a blog for everyone and I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, but sometimes I just need to throw that stuff out. I hope we’re all still friends 🙂

Today I am thankful for two parents that encouraged me- and continue to encourage me- to think for myself and make well-educated decisions based on research and personal convictions. If we started throwing around labels I would say that my parents lean a little republican and I might be a smidge liberal . I mean, my dad actually threatened me one Christmas with an NRA membership. (For the record, I am not a member.) There are many things we agree about but there are also a TON of topics we end up debating at the dinner table.

I’m so thankful to have parents that not only allow me to speak my mind and disagree, but also ask me what I think about certain topics and enjoy debating the rights and wrongs of issues. Has it ever gotten heated? Yes. Does it usually stay fairly civil? Usually, yes. I was once talking with a friend who said that her dad got mad if she expressed any opinions that challenged his own. I just couldn’t wrap my head around that…

So today I’m thankful that my mom and dad allow me have a big mouth. It’s gotten me in trouble and I’ve had to eat my own foot in the past, but I feel good about forming my own opinions and having that confidence. (Thanks, Mom & Dad.)


Also, Happy Birthday tomorrow to the best dad a girl could ask for! You keep hauling coal and I’ll keep fighting for the polar bears 😉



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  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    ahhh – wonderful parents are such a blessing. Especially ones that you can have really good ‘adult’ conversations with.


    1. Louise says:

      That’s very true 🙂 My parents also didn’t treat me like an adult until I was one… but they never made me feel stupid or uneducated either! Some how they found that balance and it turned out alright. Haha.


  2. Charlene says:

    Love this! You are very blessed to have parents who support you even when you don’t agree. I think my parents would be the same way, but frankly we don’t disagree all that much. Anyway, thanks for linking up and happy birthday to your dad!


    1. Louise says:

      Thank you, Charlene! I’m glad you get along with your parents on most things! My family can be quite argumentative but we’ve learned how to express ourselves a little better as time has gone on (and as some of us have moved out, haha). It seems my adult brain is more rational than my teenage one 😉


  3. wonderful!! we certainly don’t give our parents enough credit! now that i’m a mom, i realize how hard it is to raise kids. love this post!


    1. Louise says:

      Thanks, Kathy! It’s much easier to appreciate my mom (and dad) now that we’re not living in the same house. My relationship with my parents has improve exponentially!


  4. Nicola says:

    Great post! I grew up in a family that was always debating something round the dinner table too. I’ve just become a parent myself and it really makes you appreciate your own.


    1. Louise says:

      I cringe a little when I see parents impart their opinions on their children. (I mean, telling your kids drugs are bad is one thing. Telling them certain people, countries, ideas, etc. are bad is what bothers me.) I’m glad I had parents that guided but never demanded!

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