It’s Wednesday and I am so total ready to just check out. #ButICan’t

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Laura and Lauren and Nadine and Kathy and Alanna and Sarah (Plucky)! (Whew, that was a long one!)
Time to confess…

Since Sunday I have worked 24 hours at my full time gig & 6 hours at the part time place, spent 8 hours in a car, survived IKEA, and attended a major sporting event. #BringOnTheHolidays #IWorkRetailOnBlackFriday #ICoordinateAWeddingOnSaturday #I’mPrayingForSundayToArrive

We spent Monday night in #CLE watching the #Cavs beat the Orlando basketball people… (I don’t know who they are…) #IStillDon’tGetSports #WeBoughtShirtsToFitIn

Speaking of sports… my one true love just wrapped up another season and I have to wait until next year for more races #IAlreadyMissYouNASCAR #Let’sGoRacing

south park gif

Fallout Boy is in my top 3 favorite bands. I feel like that alone is a confession… #EmoKid4Ever #WhereIsYourBoyTonight #Guy-liner&SkinnyJeans

I will do everything in my power to avoid letting my food touch on my plate tomorrow. #ExceptMashedPotatoesAndGravy #YummmmyMashedPotatoes


Monday I gushed about the blog world, but we have some crazy-cool IRL friends, too. #ThanksForTheTickets,Nic&Erx #ThanksForGoingWithUs,Woz&Kelsey #ThanksForHangingChristmasLightsWithMe,Kayla

I’m secretly looking forward to working retail on Black Friday… I know that’s weird. #Hello6am #IWantToSeeCrazyPeople

And on that note, I’m off to work a full day and then enjoy four days off from my full time job! Woot woot!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Favorite side dish? Are you venturing out Thursday night or Friday morning to score some deals??





25 thoughts on “#Hashtag-Schmashtag

  1. girl, you would hate my brother in law…he LIVES to make his thanksgiving “soup” by mixing everything on his plate into one big mush. it’s hilarious, and you would probably get sick. have a happy thanksgiving! best of luck with the crazies on black Friday!


    1. Oh my gosh that sounds terrifyingly awful! My husband and his entire family make a collage of food and they think it’s hilarious that I have 1/2 inch between sides… I know it all mixes together at some point but I just don’t want the flavors tainted! haha!


    1. Our mall is the biggest (only?) one in the county, but our county is fairly rural and we don’t see TOO much traffic. Still, I’m a little happy-anxious about the rush! (I know that’s TOTALLY weird. All my co-workers think I’m nuts!)


  2. haha – I just posted that meme about food touching on Facebook last night. I’m a FREAK about it. My friends know I use like 2-3 plates so I can put things separately on them 🙂 #weirdosunite


    1. Yes yes yes! You get it! My grandma always gives me a divided plate and has extra bowls ready for me in case I can’t fit it all 😀 Nothing wrong with that! #ItJustTastesBetter


  3. Ugh I HATE when food on my plate touches!!! Everyone else at Thanksgiving fills their plate until there’s no more room. Mine has plenty of empty space on it and I just go back for more if I want more! Ha!


    1. Yep! There’s nothing wrong with seconds, especially when your first serving has half an inch gaps all over to keep the food separate. A year or two after I started dating my husband his brother bought me a big, divided prison-like tray for holiday meals 😀 They think it’s so weird that I keep it divided. Haha!


  4. Dang girl, props to you working Black Friday!! I’ve never worked it before but I can totally see it being exciting and fun to see all the crazy people scavenging for the stores deals haha And yay for 4 days off your full time job, that is seriously SO nice!!! Maybe I’m a freak but I don’t care if my food touches!! haha I went to a friendsgiving last night with some friends and my dessert was touching my turkey and my husband thought it was so weird that I didn’t care 🙂 Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!! xo


    1. I was definitely ready for the break (although my weekend ended up being anything but relaxing). I survived BF up until the last 10 minutes when I had a TOTAL witch come to my register. Grrr…. I guess if you don’t cry once on Black Friday you’re not doing retail right. Oh well.


    1. I totally agree. I mean, I really love their old stuff but the new album is great! (When they first got popular again I was worried but I really like their new stuff!)


  5. i am thankful that i’m NOT working retail; i’m thankful that there are people out there who can stomach it because i most assuredly cannot, and i had to do it all too often. i’ll be sitting a desk rather than standing on my feet and running ragged for god knows what.

    it’s not in my nature to volunteer my time, but this year i felt inspired to do so, so for most of the day, i was at texas children’s hospital, photographing the free luncheon a woman orchestrated for the families who had loved ones in the nicu. then i had thanksgiving dinner with my family, and now i am watching the packers play the bears and working on blogging stuff. and the best thing on my plate today was definitely the sweet potatoes.


    1. That sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jenn! I’m sure the folks at the hospital luncheon really, really appreciate your time! My Black Friday was going great until the last 5 minutes. There’s always that one shopper… ya know? Oh well. I’m happy, healthy, and employed so there’s plenty to be thankful for!


    1. I swear NASCAR has the shortest off-season ever… but I’m definitely not complaining 😉 I’m so glad to find another NASCAR loving female. There just aren’t enough of us… And never in my life will I ever ever let my food touch. Nope. It will never be ok. Ever.


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