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The Last Bit of 2015 Confessions

Hi ya! It's the last Wednesday of the year, my friends! I'm pretty focused on straightening up my house and keeping up with my work load and visiting with my baby brother while he's home so I didn't prep much for today... so how about some confessions?? (Linking up with Laura, Lauren, Kathy, and Nadine,… Continue reading The Last Bit of 2015 Confessions

Holidays & Celebrations!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays! Cheers! I hope today is a wonderful day of family and celebration and food and love. (If you're a Christian like me let's give a rousing Happy Birthday to Jesus!) ___________________________ If you find yourself bored this weekend and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram maybe you will find your way to this page… Continue reading Merry Christmas!!

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Friday Favorites & All My Love

Happy Friday, everyone! I had a pretty good week, especially considering how it started... I woke up early on time Monday and I was all showered and ready to treat myself to some iced coffee before work. I was planning to head in early and drop little Christmas gifts on my co-workers' desks. Five minutes… Continue reading Friday Favorites & All My Love