Honestly, I can’t believe we’re nearly two weeks away from a whole new year. I swear I just started writing “2015” on my checks and in my reports. I’m not sad about it, but I can’t believe this year is gone…

So much happened in 2015. I survived turning 25. My favorite little lady Elliot Rose was born. I took an entire week off of work and stayed home. We traveled. We partied at weddings. We grew K’s business. We celebrated 2 years of marriage.

In case you missed it, here are my Reflections on 2015. It was a wonderful year.

And now we’re on the eve of 2016. For the first time in a long time I have no idea what this year will bring. (I actually freaked out to K about this earlier this month. I dislike uncertainty.) I really don’t have any short-term plans. This year my brother will get married and we have one vacation penciled in with my parents. Those are the only things I have planned. That’s really, really weird for me.

To restore some balance and order, I’ve come up with a few resolutions (read: goals) for 2016:

Start running.
My best friend is a PTA and has given me a few tips on avoiding/treating/lessening shin splits, which are my major deterrent when it comes to jogging. This year for Christmas I’ve asked for a fitbit, some new tennis shoes, and some motivation (from the big man upstairs). Lylee has an excellent jogging pace (we tried it once) so hopefully she and I will log some miles this year.

Learn to cook more (vegetarian) meals.
One year for Lent I gave up meat (except seafood). I’d really like to take a more ethical approach to consuming meat and such. There are a few documentaries out there that I think I’m going to use to scare myself into healthier habits. Honestly, I’d really like to eat better and cook more. If I can make it taste good I know that K will eat it (meat or not), so hopefully I come up with some healthy, ethical food for us this year. I’d really like to improve our quality of food.

Find a word for 2016. (Check back next Wednesday)
Technically I need to figure this out before the new year… so once I do the actual resolution will be to stick to it and apply it as often as possible. I have a pretty good idea of what I might pick…

Read, read, read. And write.
I’ve mentioned many times how bad of a reader I’ve become. The same can almost be said about writing. I need to finish my d*mn novel. Or at least make some serious progress this year. I’m hoping these reading challenges will put my rear in gear.

*In addition to all the book challenges I have going on, I also added a new reading-related page to this space to keep me motivated all year. You can find it here (2016 Book Nook) or up at the top!

I’ve been through the orientation class at my local humane society, so now I just need to get in the habit of going! I volunteered a lot in college but when I moved home I never made time. I’d like to get back in the habit this year.

It’s a year of self-improvement, but without all the crazy pressure. I’ve already asked K to hold me accountable for these things, but maybe if I check in with the blog occasionally I’ll notice some improvements…


Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2016?


15 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

    1. Thanks, Erin! I tend to be really tough on myself which just leads to guilt… so I’m hoping that these will be gentle, self-improvement, gradual resolutions. And also do-able πŸ™‚


    1. Half the time I think, “Yes! I can’t wait until I have some quality shoes to go running!” and half the time I wonder what the HECK I’m getting myself into… Thanks for the extra encouragement! I’ll need it!!


  1. thanks for sharing these – it was really great to read! i am feeling a bit like you in terms of mini freaks out with the uncertainty factor. i know we have a few big things happening but the rest is up to me, which is SO scary. excited for what your word of the year will be – i’m working on that too. gooooo team! *high fives


    1. It’s so weird (and strangely exciting?) to enter a year with nothing planned! Wait… nevermind. I feel itchy… Ugh- the struggle between spontaneous and meticulous! Good luck with your word!!


    1. Thanks, Charlene! I’ve never been a good runner… I did track for one year in middle school and right after we got married I took up running for a week. Haha… I’m just not very good. But I’m really going to try this time!!


  2. I want to get back into running and volunteer at the humane society too! (Seriously, I’ve wanted to volunteer at the humane society since like elementary school when I read this fiction book called Cages and the main character volunteered at one…and I haven’t done it!)


    1. I just hate going alone! If only we weren’t on opposite sides of the country, lol! We could be running buddies and volunteer buddies! Haha! (I’ve never read that book, but now I’m curious!)


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