Happy Friday, everyone!

I had a pretty good week, especially considering how it started… I woke up early on time Monday and I was all showered and ready to treat myself to some iced coffee before work. I was planning to head in early and drop little Christmas gifts on my co-workers’ desks. Five minutes before walking out the dog I noticed Lylee was limping. When I ran my hands down her leg to check for injuries I found none; however, she had a nice, sizable leaf/mud/poop mixture caked into her paw. UGH. So we went straight to the bath and I spent my extra morning minutes scrubbing dog paws and vacuuming/scrubbing the floor.

Needless to say: I welcome you, Friday. (Also, the word “sizable” looks weird…)

Goodies for my fellow co-workers elves.

In other news, have you seen Google’s new Santa Village?? You can bet your sweet bottom I will be tracking Santa on Christmas Eve 😉

I’m obsessed with online shopping. Of course there’s Amazon Prime, but there are some serious treasures on Nebrowse, Amber Thomas Makes, Hey June, Good Word Candles… Yep, I’ve browsed all of them this season. If you’re in need of a unique gift you should definitely direct your attention to these artists!

As long as we’re talking about favorites… here are some of my favorite tree ornaments:

Four out of six have to do with dogs… I’m ok with that.

Breaking from the Christmas mold… If you are a fan of country (like me!) then you’ve probably already heard of Old Dominion. (“Break Up With Him”) If you haven’t listen to their entire CD Meat & Candy, then you should really check it out. My husband and I have been listening to it on repeat! (My favorite song for today is “Half Empty”.)

And now for some blogger love:

  • My very good friend, colleague, and honorary old roommate Dana has joined the blog world! ❤️ I’m a huge fan of this community and Dana has so much to offer with her little corner of the internet! Check her out at The Creative Beastie!!
  • Chelsea at The New Wifestyle just returned from Antarctica. Yes, you read that right. She’s made three posts about her trip that you have to check out!! Start here. Then read this. And finish with this guy.
  • Faith had her first guest post for her “After I do” series (and it was Christine from Christine Everyday!). She talked about a topic that plagues 99.9% of all newly and not-so-newly weds! Check it out!

By the way, I accomplished a few things this week: I finally finished a book, my Christmas shopping is done, and my house is finally clean (a.k.a. I’m caught up on vacuuming, dishes, putting clutter away/Christmas boxes in the attic, & bathrooms are clean).

Bring on the weekend!



18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites & All My Love

  1. oh man- your week DID start out rough! ha! That’s just the worst when that kind of stuff happens. That happened a few months ago with Oooj and Christian kept asking me as I cleaned off his paws, “What is it?! Is it dirt?! Is it the other thing?!” and I was like – “dude, I’m not going to “investigate” to find out. It’s coming off regardless.” Sometimes it’s best we don’t know 😉 Have a great weekend!!


    1. RIGHT? I very, very reluctantly sniffed at it but I still couldn’t be 100% sure… Regardless, she went straight into the tub and I washed the blanket she’d been laying on all morning. She’s such a anally retentive creature- it really bothered her to have icky stuff on her foot!


    1. I think I came into work and turned the album on every single day this week 😀 I did!! It was called a Midwestern Mule though! (I don’t know the difference…) Either way, it was bourbon, ginger beer, and orange. This was my first rendezvous with bourbon and I didn’t hate it 😉


    1. As my husband lovingly pointed out, if I scooped the yard like I promised to do before we got Enzo then I wouldn’t have to worry about it… but I think that it was the universe punishing me for getting out of bed 😉 My grandma just got me that ornament this year! It’s perfect for me!


  2. ahhhh sizable poo-clumps are never good, especially when you are on your way out the door! also i LOVE your ornaments, how meaningful and cute. thanks so much for sharing about antarctica – you da best! 🙂

    ps. now my husband and i are rocking out to the song you posted while we do our work – yeeehaw!


    1. Who knew those songs would be such a hit?? My sister-in-law just told me on FB that she’s been listening to the playlist, too! Glad I could make the recommendation! 😀 Have a good weekend!!


    1. My grandma just gifted me the “rescued” ornament this year! She hit the nail on the head for sure! My week started rotten but you can’t be mad, right? It’s not like she meant to… She was as grossed out as I was! Haha!


    1. The one that looks like Lylee is my absolutely favorite! 😀 It was ordered for us right before we adopted Enzo, so we don’t have one of him… but I like it think of it as a first-born privilege 😉 Haha. Plus, those two have as many ornaments as K and I do!


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