Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays! Cheers!
I hope today is a wonderful day of family and celebration and food and love.

(If you’re a Christian like me let’s give a rousing Happy Birthday to Jesus!)


If you find yourself bored this weekend and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram maybe you will find your way to this page and I can entertain you with this super interesting winter questionnaire all about me 😉 If you’re super engaged in the holiday celebration and you don’t have time then that’s ok, too! Merry Christmas, friend!


What’s your go-to outfit in winter?
I love sweatshirts and leggings for around-the-house work. If I have to go in public I prefer skinny jeans, legwarmers, boots, and a sweater with a scarf.

 What’s winter like in your hometown?
Typically it’s chilly and rainy before the Christmas and snowy for most of Jan. & Feb. This year the weather is drunk and I’m annoyed. 55 degrees on Christmas is unacceptable.

Special winter recipes?
My mom & I make cutout cookies annually, but there are no secret Christmas recipes that come out this time of year. This year I made some dough for “Bretzeli” with my grandpa. K’s family always has a yummy spread, but we see most of those foods around Thanksgiving & Easter, too.


Winter holiday traditions?
K and I always go pick out a tree together. Usually the dogs tag along, but this year it was just us. I’m also usually around when my parents decorate their tree. My favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas Eve service and then dinner/snacks at my grandma’s house afterward. I also always wear my penguin pants to bed on Christmas eve. And I have special white slippers for the morning.

Favorite winter activities?
Sitting by the fire, drinking cocoa, sledding, wrapping gifts.

Winter home decor?
Just in case you missed it, you can check that our right here!

Beauty regimen changes for winter?
I don’t do anything differently. I just make sure I keep moisturizer and lotion on hand for the dryness. I can already feel my face getting dry… Any advice from the experts?

Favorite holiday song?
I don’t really have a favorite on-the-radio pop tune… but I really love Angels We Have Heard on High. I’m also a big fan of anything older like Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. Definitely nothing from the 90s and no Bieber.

Favorite holiday movie?
I love The Year Without a Santa Claus. It’s my favorite. I also enjoy The Polar Express, Love Actually, and The Family Stone.


What changes about you in the winter?
I feel more relaxed during winter. I feel like the cold temperatures cool my blood and slow me down. Some people get depressed but I get serene.

Gift wrap or gift bags?
I prefer wrapping gifts 🙂 And I like opening wrapped gifts better, too!

Favorite warm drink for winter?
Hot cocoa with heavy/whipping cream. Or Starbuck’s Caramel Brulee latte. Or hot apple cider with caramel.

What are you excited for this season?
I’m just waiting for some snow, honestly… I’m excited to spend Christmas with my loved ones and pass out gifts to everyone. I’m also really excited for 2016- I think it’s going to be a wonderful year.

Autumn vs. Winter?
You can’t do this to me. I really, really love fall… but I’m always excited when winter arrives. (And right now I’m mad at fall because it’s stepping on winter’s toes.)


Where do you spend Christmas?
Oh geez. Well, we go to church on Christmas Eve with my parents and then go to my grandma’s (Dad’s side) afterward for dinner/snacks. Then we usually stop by the in-laws’ house. On Christmas morning we spent a little time at our house with just the dogs. Then we give Ly a treat and pack up Enzo and head to my parents’ house and my mom’s parents join us. Then K and I head to his parents’ house for gifts. Then we take Enz back home and spend dinner at my aunt’s house (Dad’s side) for dinner and gifts. Then we usually go back to K’s parents’ house to spend time with his sister and her family (who arrive in town later in the afternoon). This year we will also be doing a dinner on the 26th with my mom’s parents. (And the PI company party is the 27th!)  WHEW.

Do you decorate after or before Thanksgiving?
I tend to put up some decor before Thanksgiving… but I leave my Thanksgiving/fall decorations up! (I just like to put up the mantel decorations.) We don’t get a tree until December, though!

Oh, college… Our one and only snow day. (Obviously I’m the one accosting the snow pile.)

Peppermint or gingerbread?
Definitely not gingerbread… I guess peppermint, but I really only like candy canes.

What is one thing you asked for this Christmas?
A fitbit! And the new illustrated Harry Potter!


(Thanks for the inspirations, Mattie!)

Have a wonderful, festive, cheery weekend,  my dears!



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  1. Isn’t ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ just so lovely?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Louise says:

      Absolutely! I play Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra in my office all day but I really look forward to the Christmas Eve hymns 🙂


  2. I loved this little winter questionnaire too! I totally forgot there was in illustrated HP, did you get that?! I bet it’s amazing! Hope you had a very merry Christmas!


    1. Louise says:

      I absolutely DID get the illustrated HP! I was SOOOOO happy when I opened it! My husband laughed because I immediately opened it and started reading and totally missed half the conversations that happened all day! Ha! Hope you did, too!


  3. oh my goodness i LOVE those photos you posted! totally the cutest!


    1. Louise says:

      Ha, thank you! I think they get progressively more embarrassing…… ha.


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