I hope you had a jolly holiday! I had a 4 day weekend filled with family and friends and festivities. And now I’m exhausted (but in a good way)!

It’s the last #GratefulHeart of 2015 and all I can think to say is thank you for reading the silly ramblings I put here in this space.

There’s validation in the likes and comments and IG favs and Twitter follows and SnapChat views… and it makes me a more confident writer and thinker. So I really appreciate it. I hope you’ll stick around for 2016. I really love getting to know you all ❤️

I’m lazy today… so instead of new content I’m just going to lean on my posts from last week. (Ya know, just in case you missed ’em 😉 )

Have a wonderful Monday! Tell me about your Christmas!


A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

14 thoughts on “My lazy, grateful heart ❤️

  1. I’m feeling lazy and exhausted too!! (And that alone is something to be grateful for – so thankful for my family and all the ways they wore me out- haha!) Thank you SO MUCH for joining me each week in this linkup, lady! Means so much to me. Here’s to new adventures in 2016!


    1. I am definitely grateful to be so happy-tired 🙂 And now I have a few days to recover and pick up the house and do some laundry before the new year! Thank YOU for hosting such a meaningful link-up! It’s a great reminder to be grateful each and every week!


    1. Thank you, Rebecca! (You can’t see it, but I’m blushing.) I will be hanging around for yours, too! I love reading about your adventures! Cheers to 2016!


    1. There’s a brief moment- it only last two or three days- where I understand WHY Christmas only lasts one month and not all year. But then I forget about all the effort and money the holidays took and I wish for it all over again! Haha!


    1. Yes yes! My only obligation this week is four 8 hour days at the full time job… after that I’m free to veg the rest of the day for the rest of this year! 😀


  2. I felt lazy and grateful Monday too, thus no post! I’m glad you had a great weekend, and I’m with you, so happy to have all the people that keep coming back to us and the friends I’ve made in this blog world! Can’t wait for it to continue into 2016!


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