Hi ya! It’s the last Wednesday of the year, my friends! I’m pretty focused on straightening up my house and keeping up with my work load and visiting with my baby brother while he’s home so I didn’t prep much for today… so how about some confessions??
(Linking up with Laura, Lauren, Kathy, and Nadine, of course!)

I am already planning 2016’s Halloween Party. I have the theme, date, and tentative guest list done. #WantAHint? #Let’sPartyLikeIt’s1999

I will have amazing hair when I become an old lady. First of all, my hair is already turning a metallic grey color. Secondly, when I let it air dry it gets all fluffy and old lady-like. #OldLadyFrenchTwists #GoingGreyAt25 #HairGoals

grey hair

Sometimes I catch myself sitting really weird… Like, chest out and my chin up. Or my chin down and I’m looking up with my eyes at the screen. Or my head is sideways… #WhyCan’tIAccidentallyHaveGoodPosture? #NoWonderMyBackHurts

So… on Monday I realized our electric bill was due so I very calmly logged onto the website and paid the +$2 fee to make an instant payment. I was feeling good until I remembered that I’d already sent in the payment last Wednesday. Oops. #ChristmasBrain #I’veGotNextMonthCoveredIGuess #Dammit

A few nights ago my dad, my brother, and I got into a heated political/religious debate. It’s so confusing how my dad (& mom) raise two people who have totally different beliefs from each other AND our parents… (K and my mom safely silently sat in the living room with their phone/iPad.) #AtLeastWeAllRejectTrump #ItEndedPeacefully #WhatHappenedToTheDaysWhenIWasTheControversialOne? #MyBrotherHasMeBeat

And now some Christmas confessions…

As the day progressed I got some amazing gifts and I was happy with everything, but I was especially looking for the illustrated HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone. When it didn’t show up under our tree or my parents’ tree I was a little sad… but then my mother-in-law gifted it to me! #Yaaaaaas #HappyChristmasHarry #BestMILEver


I played Star Wars Monopoly on Christmas against my teenage cousins and my grandma… I dominate that galaxy, guys. I even held back a little and still dominated. #RealEstateMogul #JustCallMeTrump #ButActuallyDon’t

Let’s pretend like humility doesn’t exist for a hot second… I feel like the mother-loving Queen of Gifts this year. I bought my husband the cymbals he’s been wanting, I sent my niece and nephews their official Hogwarts letters, and I outfitted my brother and his fiancee with niffy, often-forgotten cooking and baking tools. #QueenOfChristmas #IKnowThat’sNotWhatIt’sAbout #ButILoveToSeeTheirFacesLightUp

Bow Down

I also got my father-in-law a Gryffindor quidditch bathroom… #BestDaughterInLawEver #ItWasTheOnlyHouseLeft #ButHe’sABraveGryffindor

Did you guys see the moon halo/rainbow/ring on Christmas?? #What’sTheOfficialName? #ItWasPrettyNeat

My Christmas tree died halfway through December… #CarpetOfNeedles #ISwearIWateredIt #IKillPlants #It’sComingDownToday #Dammit

But I will never surrender to the fake tree. #RealTrees4ever


How about some of my favorite holiday photos?

The engagement gift K & I made for my brother and Christina
Lylee was in heaven and my cute little husband was so happy with his cymbals!
When the excitement of my dad’s Christmas gift finally sank in… (My mom is also an A+ gift-er.)
All but one pillow were Christmas gifts to me!
On Sunday night we took the PIΒ team out to dinner at Bravo for Christmas!

And now we’re on the eve of NYE! Enjoy the last two days of 2015, guys!!



28 thoughts on “The Last Bit of 2015 Confessions

  1. OHHHH – I need that yellow coffee pillow!!!

    Its funny, my family NEVER talks about politics – but we’ll talk about it with our kids & yeah, different generation, different perspective. Nothing wrong with that…

    We can still be friends but I’m totally the opposite -I’m all ARTIFICIAL TREE ADVOCATE πŸ™‚ I hate seeing trees get killed for use for a few weeks… #treehugger πŸ™‚ haha


    1. I think we found it at Marshalls?? I’m so in love with it. My husband rolled his eyes when he saw it but he knows it’s 100% me! (Thanks, Mom!)

      I keep very quiet when my extended family talks politics, but my dad and I talk about them often. My brother isn’t usually around so it was a whole new dynamic to have him in the mix, ha!

      Oooooh, you got me there. I can totally see your point. I’d actually like to get the trees that still have everything intact and you plant after the season is over. Once my hub and I move to the country we will DEFINITELY get the plant-able trees!


  2. GREY HAIR. ME TOO. WHY GOD WHY. I’m 26 and spend a large chunk of my day pulling out those bastards. I’m not ready to color my hair! And I’m also not ready to be the fully grey 27 year old. I’ll look like my child’s grandmother.


    1. IT’S SUCH A CURSE. My grandma was totally white-haired by the time she was 30. I’m determined to fight it. I totally dye my hair but it still comes back in a month. My silver lining is how awesome I’ll look when I’m 60. UGH.


    1. I told my dad that I’m not used to being the moderate one… ha! When I come up with gift ideas in July and improve upon them for half the year they tend to turn out pretty baller. But that only happens for like, 3 of my gifts. Haha!


  3. #AtLeastWeAllRejectTrump hahahaha good!!! At least you can bond together over that one thing! I have a co-worker that’s pro Trump and it is hard for me to keep composure most of the time when it comes up. Sounds like an amazing Christmas and you truly are the queen of gifts!


    1. Ha, Trump is how the whole conversation started. How we started so united and ended so divided is beyond me… Ha! Oh well! I can’t stand to be around Trump supporters… ugh. I don’t think I’d be very composed…. lol!


    1. Ughhhh. Grey hair puts me in the d*mn poor house with all the dye jobs I have to get! If I part my hair the right way I can hide the grey for about 4 months… It’s all about technique. Hahaha! πŸ˜€


  4. Your animations are on point, love it. So sorry your Christmas tree didn’t make it lol. We just had a little fake baby tree up this year. Our cute little tree was a reflection of our Christmas budget this year. #Christmasbrokethebank


    1. I feel like everyone gifs so effortlessly. (Yeah, I just made “gifs” a verb.) It takes a whiiiile to find the right pictures. Haha! So thanks!!

      Oh geez. Christmas is always breaking our bank. We’d have a Charlie Brown tree if it reflected the Christmas budget… HA!


  5. I love all your pillows! I also feel like a master gift give-r because of the reactions from my in-laws when they opened them! This was probably my best year yet. Except…I haven’t bought ANY gifts for MY family’s late Christmas celebration in January…oops…


    1. I feel like an adult with all my decorative pillows… πŸ˜€ I was with my mom to pick out a few of them but the “I sleep with dogs” one came from my gma and the dog pillow cases were sewn by my aunt. They all know me too well! We should get awards for our gift-giving skills! I’ll channel more good-gift vibes your way for your late Christmas!


    1. Hahaha! I have a kitty but she lives at my parents’ house because she would NOT like our dogs… Plus she and K don’t always see eye-to-eye… πŸ™‚ I cuddle with her every time I’m there, though!


  6. Loving ALL OF THIS. All of it! But especially your Halloween planning- sounds like it will be one epic event!! And yes, #realtrees4ever. PS- your dad has the cutest smile!


    1. I have such an unhealthy Halloween obsession πŸ˜€ But I’m ok with that. My dad was so shocked! And the TV actually ended up being broken (which we discovered after setting it up) but Sears told us to go ahead and use it while they ordered a new one. There was a slight moment of panic at first, though!


    1. Honestly… if I had to go get a tree tomorrow it’d be fake. I spent 2 HOURS unclogging the vacuum and then picking up all the dead needles by hand…. OW and UGH! By next year I will forget the pain and go get a real one again, though πŸ˜€

      I guess our double-payments just make us extra safe. Ha! I’ve never done it before and I was like… DUH, AUDREY. Haha!


  7. If you’re planning a Halloween party already then it’s only going to be that much more epic!

    I try to avoid political debates with my family… I have what I consider a modified, more Libertarian view of my parents’ beliefs. Enough of a difference that it takes a lot for me to remain silent to keep the peace!

    You were definitely the queen of gifts! Sounds like an awesome time!


    1. I definitely understand the motivation to keep the peace, haha. It was always me (more liberal) and my dad (more conservative) until this week! Apparently my brother went off to school and formed his own opinions. (And honestly, I don’t even know what side of the political spectrum they fall, ha!) It can be touchy and I was VERY happy to see if come to a peaceful end! ha! πŸ˜€


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