Happy Friday, beautifuls! After getting to know countless other bloggers through coffee and tea dates I decided to have one of my own. Sometimes I make the 30 minute drive north to get some Starbucks, but today we can meet down the street from my office at this quaint little cafe:

It’s Friday, so I’m at work, but I will dedicate my hour-long lunch break to you & we can rename it our little coffee talk!

If we were taking a coffee break I would go on and on about “The West Wing”. This show ended in 2006 but K and I have recently started watching it on Netflix and I am obsessed. It’s such a fast paced, witty drama. I love it when a show has characters that I want to hangout with and work with. Plus, it has a very polished Rob Lowe, a very young Elizabeth Moss, and a very talented Allison Janney.

Poor CJ and her woot root canal…

If we were taking a coffee break I would air my frustrations with my church to you. I don’t know how to sum it up here, but it’s one of those situations where change is necessary and everyone knows it… but no one is willing to change. There are less than 5 people under the age of 40 that regularly attend my church. It’s disheartening and frustrating and sad.

If we were taking a coffee break I would tell you a little about my novel. I have roughly 75 pages done and I’ve got the entire thing outlined. (FINALLY) I would ask you for your opinions and your advice. How do you go about the editing process?


I would definitely tell you about Tuesday night and how K and I were both home at 4pm so we could take the kids to their vet appointment. And then K didn’t go back to work and we cooked dinner together and built a fire and watched The West Wing and relaxed and had the best evening just being home without any obligations. It’s been a long time since I’ve had his attention all to myself at home!

If we were taking a coffee break I can’t help but think we’d look outside and see all the glorious snow. Ohio has finally given us a few inches and this little polar bear is so happy!

I was talking about me… but this polar bear is happy, too!

If we were sipping on some coffee I would tell you how I almost didn’t publish this post and how I doubted myself on this post. But then the day came and I published them and the blog world had such an amazing response. I really do love the encouragement that floats around Planet Blog πŸ™‚

I hope that we would talk about Alan Rickman and what an amazing soul he was. I’m so sad that he’s left this world. I plan on watching “Love, Actually” this weekend and I would want to know if you’re going to sit down and watch any of his classics. (coughHarry Pottercough)

Lastly, if we were taking a coffee break I would leave you with a few fun blogs to visit this afternoon! What’s a Friday without a little blogger love??

And now I have to get back to work! This weekend is going to be a fun one- Elliot’s turning ONE on Monday (holy freakin’ cow) and we’re celebrating with a big party on Sunday!

What would you share with me during our little coffee break? What do you have planned this weekend?


18 thoughts on “My Favorite Coffee Talk

  1. I am going through the same situation in my home church as well. It’s frustrating, and very discouraging. But I’m sure the Lord will turn things around for both of us! I’ll be praying for you and your church. πŸ™‚
    Also, on editing- Personally, I like to use The Hemingway App (hemingwayapp.com), to simplify my writing. And there are many places to find critique partners online who can help you with the editing, and an objective opinion. (Actually, when you get to that stage, you’re welcome to contact me to see about arranging for a critique. I’m always happy to help out with that!)


    1. Thanks, Meagan πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you & your church in my prayers, too. Those kinds of issues can be so taxing.
      I will have to check out The Hemingway App! I appreciate your advice! I will definitely reach out when I’m ready for some writers to take a look at my story. Thank you!


    1. I swear I need 8 coffee breaks to make it through this Friday… I have a chiropractor appointment at lunch today, actually… so hopefully that puts me in tip-top shape for the weekend! Have a great one, Erin!


    1. Most of the time I’m wishing there was a Starbucks near me! (Actually, I just really want a place with a drive-thru… #lazystatus) The Daily Grind has been around forever and I even worked there while in college! It’s a delicious little cafe and bistro!


  2. I’d talk a long time with you about Alan Rickman… so sad…

    Oh gosh – church issues. Girl, I can relate. Been through them all I think. Hang in there & just do what feels best – whether thats staying or finding a place where you feel more connected.


    1. All the tweets and posts written by his fellow actors and actresses are killing me. I bet he was an awesome guy to know. I know life is a temporary thing but losses like that are such a brash reminder. Geez.

      I feel like the “stay or go” debate happens every single Sunday morning. It’s incredibly frustrating and we’ve really worked as hard as we can to initiate change and improvements. (Both my husband and I have joined different councils or committees, I taught a non-existent Sunday school, etc.) It’s just a serious burden on our hearts. We’ll have our answers and direction soon, but right now it’s just frustrating.


  3. I love posts like this!

    I had no idea Alan Rickman was sick and he’s not someone I really think about often, but his death was so so sad to me. I watched Love, Actually before Christmas and while I kind of hate his character, it made me so sad that I had just watched such a great movie with him in it. And that quote circulating about how he’d still read HP when he was 80…and he died at 69…that was so sad. I wish he could’ve been reading HP to his grandchildren at 80. 😦


    1. I didn’t know he had cancer either 😦 I knew that Maggie Smith had it while they were filming the HP movies but I had no idea he was battling it. I saw that quote, too. Can you even IMAGINE him reading HP?? Especially the Snape parts. What an awful loss.
      Honestly, all his characters (Love, Actually & HP & Robin Hood & Die Hard) are soooo hate-able… but he just seems so lovable. Definitely really sad.


  4. Ugh, church problems. Been there way too many times to count. Always disheartening.

    Have you ever seen The Newsroom? It kind of filled The West Wing void for me and it is SO GOOD. The first couple seasons are on Amazon Prime if you have that. I borrowed my friend’s HBO log in to watch it. It’s a little crude and super sweary at times, but I think you’ll love it was much as I did. I got so into this one episode on economics that it made me borrow an economics textbook from the library.


  5. I love these little life updates! Thank you for sharing yours. Wow, 75 pages and a whole outline on your novel… that’s soooo cool! I’ve been thinking I’d like to start writing a book again, but I honestly don’t even know where to start. I’m barely able to keep up with my blog while I write for work right now, maybe it’s out of the question, but you’re kind of inspiring me πŸ™‚


    1. Sometimes I get super burnt out on writing… I write for work, too, so I feel like my fingers are constantly typing. I participated in the NaNoWriMo this/last year, but it never really inspires me to write… For whatever reason I just open up the word doc sometimes and add a little bit here and there πŸ™‚ Good luck!!


  6. I love this post!!! Wow, 75 pages? That’s awesome girl. I was sad about Alan Rickman to but I knew him mostly from movies that not a lot of people talk about. Haha! My favorite is Sense & sensibility!!

    I’m so sorry you are having to deal with church problems. That can be so frustrating. I hope you find the solution soon. I would try and find a place where I could connect with people. I will keep you in my prayers. πŸ™‚


    1. I won’t tell you how long it’s taken me to hit 75 pages…. because it’s more than embarrassing πŸ˜‰ Gosh, I think Alan Rickman’s death is so sad… I hope that his family is doing ok. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, Faith. It’s been nothing but turmoil in our church for 2 years now and I just feel so frustrated and angry when I walk in. (K and I are both on committees so we’re expected to be there often.) It’s just a messy situation. Thanks for thinking of me!


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