Last week I wrote a post about self-doubt and received so many relatable and encouraging comments. (Thanks! ❤︎ ) One of those comments contained a link to a simplified Myers-Briggs personality test. (Thank you, Emma!) I’ve taken this test before but it was nice to read about my different traits and strengths. It also revealed my weaknesses and how they play a key role in my overall personality. It was a refreshing, informative 30 minutes.

So then I made my husband take the test (#fortheblog).

Turns out we have very, very similar personality types and I find that incredibly fascinating. I love looking into our underlying characteristics and behaviors.

The site I was directed to reveals your personality type and assigns a role. I fall in the diplomat category as “the advocate” and Kyle is “the architect” in the analyst category. My personality type is INFJ (less than 1 % of the populations) and K is INTJ (less than 2% of the population). So let’s talk about what that means…


According to the test (which I agree with), we are both introverts. I highly doubt I need to explain what that means… Long story short, we value time by ourselves and we recharge best when we’re alone.

The second letter reveals one’s mental energy… You can be sensing (S) or intuitive (N). We’re both the latter. While I would consider us generally observant, I agree that we both tend to go off a “gut feeling.”

This is where we differ… While I make decisions and cope with emotions with feeling (F), Kyle responds with thinking (T).

The last element to the personality results is how one approaches work, planning and decision making. We both tend to be judging (J) verses perceiving (P).


If you’d like to take the test you can do so here!

I’m so amused by our results. I urged K to have his employees take the test because I think it’s important to know how people think and react. K’s results were extremely accurate: he’s confident in almost everything he does and he’s very good at making decisions without letting emotions cloud his judgement.

If you decided to take the test (it’ll take less than 10 minutes) let me know what you got and if you agree!!

. . .

Ok… on to something a little more fun!

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18 thoughts on “A Personality Test (& a give away)

  1. Although I think of myself as an introvert, I never am according to these tests. I’m an ESTJ – “Executive: Excellent administrators, unsurpassed at managing things – or people.” Which is true. I demand order, I’m fine being the leader, I love bossing people, I’m stubborn, I hate inefficiency and laziness. yup yup yup


    1. Hahaha, according to the test we are almost completely opposite 😀 I love that you identify so well with your description. I was reading K’s personality traits to him the other night and laughing at how accurate they were.


    1. I took the test in college and got the exact same results. I bet my high school personality would’ve been a little different, though… I think it’s just fascinating how a few questions can reveal so much! (I know they’re not always accurate, but my results certainly were!)


  2. heeeeey i am INFJ tooooooooo! twinning! my husband is ENFP and according to a guy my husband met at one of his trainings, apparently it’s extra good that we have differences on the outside and our letters match on the inside. fascinating stuff!


    1. No way!! Yay for INFJs!! I was actually a little surprised that my husband registered as an “I” because he’s wonderful with people & crowds, but I think deep down he really values his alone time 🙂 I’m really curious about how the different types are predicted to get along. I know under his profile it said that having a romantic partner that identifies as an “F” is a good thing, but I’d love to look into it more!


  3. We took these tests at a Birthday party & it was so true to what my personality was… I was an ESFJ 🙂 I need to take it again & see if its the same.


    1. Sometimes when I go about things I wonder how anyone else could every do it differently or perceive it differently… but then tests like these (and hearing everyone’s answers) makes it so clear!


  4. Michael and literally have only ONE letter in common–I. I think he’s an INFJ like you. I’ve never seen anyone have an ‘S’ and I did so I’m like, “Am I doing it wrong?” Hahaha. I might have to take it again just to make sure I’m still the same.


    1. Of course you’re not doing it wrong!!! Personalities are so crazy and I just love when I can assign some order them! Haha! I’m thinking about forcing my parents into taking the test… haha!


    1. Noooooo! There are plenty of good qualities to being an ISTJ! (And we allll have our weaknesses!) It’s so crazy to read some of the site’s descriptions- they describe me to a T!


  5. INFJ!!! I had to take this test for work and for something else I’m forgetting a couple years ago. I think I also took it in college. But each time I got INFJ, with 100% introvert, which is a completely accurate description of me. I always hear that people can’t be fully an introvert or extrovert, and I think NOPE, there is not one ounce of extroversion in me and this proves it 😉


    1. Our career college counselor made me take this once when I went to her office crying about how I didn’t know what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” (Ummm… I’ve taken the test multiple times since then and I STILL don’t know what I want to be sooooo…….) I didn’t get 100% introvert, but I definitely got introvert 😀


  6. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Also, I love the Myers-Briggs personality test. It can tell us so much. Fun fact, I am an ISFJ and my husband is an ENTP. Exactly opposite in every aspect. I guess opposites attract. But we haven’t taken the test since college so we should probably take it again sometime soon. I’m pretty sure we’ve both sort of migrated toward the middle in some categories. Living with somebody with an opposite personality can do that.


    1. After I had K take the test I wondered what it’d be like to have a s/o with a totally different personality type! I bet it balances you guys out quite nicely. I definitely agree that living with someone tends to morph your personality/behavior/habits. You should retake it!! (The bad part to K and I being “I”s is that we’re perfectly content spending EVERY Friday night sitting at home bingeing on Netflix… ha! We need one of us to be an “E” so we’re more social. Hahaha.)


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