Last week I took a personality test that revealed my introverted tendencies. I use the word “revealed” loosely, since I’m already well aware of this trait. My head table consists of a husband, two best friends, and a very small handful of good friends. This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend my time with one of those best friends.

After work I kissed K goodbye and headed south to spend a girls’ night with my friend Kayla. We’ve known each other for a long time and frequented the same halls in high school, but our friendship solidified while we were in college. (Yay for mutual friends!) I love visiting Kayla because she’s one of those people that I can be 100% real with. We sing Justin Bieber (NO JUDGEMENT!) at the top of our lungs, waste hours in Target, and joke about the side-effects of our Indian food dinner. (TMI?) Not to mention her fur baby Ernie get so excited when I visit!

Saturday she made me breakfast and, since I don’t have a huge shopping center in my town, we took advantage of H&M, Lush, and The Disney Store. I always feel so refreshed after a weekend of girl time- it’s nice to unwind and relax with someone that’s totally ok with my weird, quirky personality.

I hope you did something fun this weekend! Tell me about it! ❤︎



A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey

20 thoughts on “Monday Morning Gratitude

    1. I love doing “big city” shopping when I visit Kayla 🙂 The Disney Store and Target are some of the happiest places on earth (next to DW of course, lol)!


  1. LOVE that time with our bffs!!! I’m so glad you got that. I love that you two had a sleepover – I will get that with my bffs in March and cannot wait.


    1. Sometimes it feels so good to get out of town and do fun things with the girls! (K doesn’t care for Indian food or shopping, so he didn’t miss out on anything!) It makes me appreciate my bed more, too, since I’m usually ready to crash with happy exhaustion once I’m home!


  2. I love girls weekends! I love my husband but there’s something about the wonderful camaraderie of best girl friends – especially when it feels like no time has even passed since we’ve seen or talked to each other.


    1. Yaaaay!!! You should celebrate your personality!! Go do some extrovert-y, feeling-ish activity 😀 I didn’t even try to tackle that last letter, haha! I got a “T”!


  3. Sounds like a lovely time! I need one of those girls weekends pretty soon. I love my husband, but I don’t remember the last time I got to go to Target. Ha!


    1. Yes yes! Kayla lives two hours away and my other BFF has a 1-year old so most of my Target trips are solo, but I love browsing the store with my gal pals beside me!


    1. Awww, you should fit in some solo pampering time if a girls’ weekend isn’t feasible! It was definitely a refreshing weekend 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Caitlin!


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