On Monday I talked about my trip to Columbus to see my friend Kayla, but I left out the story about my drive home. The trip to and from Columbus is about 2 hours each way. Last weekend I borrowed my mom’s Subaru for the trip, just in case Jonas decided to toss some snow north. (He didn’t, by the way. My path was flurry-free.) One perk in my mom’s car is the satellite radio. I happily jumped between Top 40 and Top Country stations the entire trip.

On my way home, just 20 minutes out of Columbus, Adele’s “Hello” came on the station. Like all humans I always scream sing along to this song, but since I was alone I was really going for it.

Wellllll…. seconds after I finished the chorus for the 2nd time I happened to look to my right and see a blue car passing me with the young, (not not attractive,) male driver looking back at me and laughing and giving me a thumbs up. The only appropriate response was for me to laugh and unintentionally blush while he sped past.

And then it was time for me to jump in again with another lung-filling, “HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIIIDE.”

And that’s how a stranger made me smile and laugh at myself, and brightened up my 2 hour drive home.

I’m linking up with the beautiful, talented Chelsea from the new wifestyle for Tell Me Something Good – Friday ❤︎


Tell Me Something Good Friday!

16 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good 1.29

  1. Stopping by from the link up! I’ve definitely gotten looks from strangers before as I have my own private concert–there’s something about car singing that can just really lift your spirits!


    1. Right?? He was like, turned around with his hand behind the passenger seat to give me that thumbs up! I was laughing so hard once the blushing subsided… HA!


  2. haha 🙂 I have had way too many experiences of embarassing myself by singing LOUDLY with the windows down… especially when I have a Disney or Broadway CD in 😉 haha that CALLS for dramatic flare


    1. YES to all things Disney. Sometimes when I’m in my office I listen to my Broadway/Disney Pandora station and I catch myself singing The Lion King a little too loudly… hehe!


    1. When Chelsea introduced the link-up she posted the song 😀 I was so embarrassed… If people are coming up on me quick I never worry about them looking over at me while passing, but this guy totally snuck up on me and I was so embarrassed! Haha!


  3. Great story. I love that. I also burst into song when I’m alone and I’ve never heard the Hello song and not want to sing the chorus out loud.
    Ps. I’m following your page now. Love what I’ve read so far. I’m also going to add you on social media. Hope you’ll check me out too.


    1. Thanks, girl! I belted the lyrics every time when I was with my best friend in Columbus… but it was a little weird to be caught singing by a stranger! (Thankfully he couldn’t HEAR me… I don’t think…) I’ll definitely check out your blog & the like! Glad to have you around!!


  4. Ha ha! I used to have a lot of those moments. Then I got married, have those moments, and really commit because it’s okay now if I make a fool out of myself. 🙂 Though, I have a feeling he probably thought it was more cute/intriguing than anything else. They may not admit it, but guys really do like being a spectator in our secret single behaviors.


    1. Ha, owning your quirkiness is an attractive quality in my eyes, though I think I might annoy my husband sometimes… hahaha! If “Hello” comes on while we’re driving together he tries to change the station as fast as he can so I don’t start screaming/singing! 😀


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