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The Bachelorette

Welcome to another incredible season of The Bachelorette. If you recall, last time we embarked on a magical journey with Jim Halpert as he navigated the treacherous waters of love to find his 15 minutes of fame wife. Last season ended in heartbreak for our adorable protagonist, but this year Jess Day has returned with… Continue reading The Bachelorette

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It’s A Disney Wednesday

I'm going to self-indulge today and do a little get-to-know-me through Disney-related questions. Honestly, who doesn't love Disney? (If you don't love Disney, it's ok... I assume it's just because you haven't been introduced properly.) I'm always so inspired by Rebecca Jo at Knit by God's Hand. Her posts encourage me to crack open my… Continue reading It’s A Disney Wednesday

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Ways to Challenge Yourself

As a blogger I am constantly looking for a good challenge. I've tried my hand at Ember Grey's 12 months of bliss challenge and Erin's reading challenge and Jenn's movie challenge. I watched Laura and Chelsea torture themselves with the Whole 30 and my friend Kayla brave her way through the 21 Day Fix. It… Continue reading Ways to Challenge Yourself