I couldn’t resist linking up with Brita for her February #LoveBlog Prompt today! Brita’s introductory post explains the link-up and today’s topic happens to be Fictional Love. Straight from Brita’s blog:

“Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? What TV couple is most like you and your significant other?”

Obviously I couldn’t pass this one up, but when I asked K what fictional couple resembled us he was absolutely no help… (So if you disagree with my answers, dear, it’s your own fault…)

bones_fox_tv show

I wanted to be all classy and refined and pick a literary couple- maybe an Austen “ship”, as the kids say these days.

Side note… I heard my 14 year old cousin utter this phrase on Sunday: “Hey Sarah, Amy totally shipped you and Henry together.” (Names were changed.) When asked about her verbiage, I was told that “shipped” is when you romantically link two people together, even if (or especially if) they’re not an item. I don’t know. Kids are weird.


Ok… back to my fictional focus. In the end, I chose two TV couples.

First of all, I see a little bit of Jim and Pam (The Office) in us. We have a vast arsenal of inside jokes and I’m so attracted to my husband’s wit and humor.


But more than that, I think we’re kind of similar to Booth & Brennan (thus all the Bones gifs). Funny enough, I think that K is more like Temperance and I am more like Seeley. K is rational and less emotional than I am. He’s guided by thoughts verses emotions. (Hellllooooo, personality results!) I’m like Booth- we’re spiritual, hotheaded, and we feel things very deeply.


I’ll keep up my search for a couple that mirrors us 100% (or even 90%). I made the last minute decision to go with this topic so my brainstorming session was limited.

Now this question had two parts so let’s explore that thing about fictional crushes…

  • George Weasley will always be one of my first loves. (“Fred” is my brother’s name, so I chose George.)
  • Young Magneto from X-Men. (Or maybe just Michael Fassbender….)
  • Jim’s humor. (The Office)
  • Josh Lyman’s brain and wit. (The West Wing)
  • Aladdin was my very first love. I wanted to marry him. My stuffed bear from childhood (that I still own….) is named Aladdin after my very first love.

But if Kyle was a fictional character he would hands-down be my favorite. Smart, funny, witty, intelligent, attractively arrogant, perfect nose, stylish, musically inclined… I mean, what’s not to love?

Kyle looks pretty damn good in a suit, too… But this isn’t him… Obviously.

Did you have a fictional “first crush”? (Or a fictional current crush!?) What couple or friendship do you and your significant other or best friend embody??


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27 thoughts on “Fictional Love: #LoveBlog Link-Up

  1. I am attracted IRL to skinny nerdy men, preferably with brown or black hair. But I couldn’t have a crush on Harry Potter because my twin brother’s name is Harry! So I totally feel you with your crush on George Weasley.

    I adore Bones & Booth. They’re so damn cute together!


    1. I know some people that have married folks with the same name as their sibling. I guess when you actually KNOW someone it’s less weird, but very early on I decided it was safest to go with George. Haha!


  2. I totally crush on the Young Charles Xavier 🙂 haha
    & ALWAYYYYSSSS crushing on Wolverine. Yes Ma’am
    Love Jim & Pam… #Goals
    There was a thing on the radio this morning about the new ‘language’ kids use – some of them? let’s just say, I feel old.


    1. Hahaha! I wish I was a mutant. Next to Hogwarts, Prof. X’s academy was my dream school. Of course, I’d have been a teacher because I’d need to date Wolverine… hahaha!
      I know that I used weird phrases when I was young… but kids these days are weird. Ha!


  3. Yeah, I wish I had picked a classy character like Mr. Darcy for my fictional crush, and he totally was, but I was focusing on TV characters this post 🙂

    Bones is so strange for me to watch because I know David Boreanaz as Angel from Buffy!! So to not see him brood is odd haha


    1. Hahaha, fortunately I was never jaded by the Angel image 🙂 I’m sure there are a million book characters but the TV ones are just so easy to remember! I’m headed over to read yours now!


  4. We’re a bit bipolar here. Sometimes we’re Beckett and Castle (Castle) and sometimes we’re Meredith and McDreamy (Grey’s Anatomy) pre Shonda killing spree. My husband can go from boyish comedy to serious neurosurgeon in t-minus 2 seconds.


    1. Yes yes! I get that! We love watching Castle, too! (Maybe TV produces avoid sexist accusations by making the male partner the goofy, emotional one… it seems like K relates more to the rational women in all these shows and I’m like the guys…. haha.)


  5. Found you on the #LoveBlog link-up. Jim & Pam and Booth & Brennan are two of my all-time favorite TV couples. Such chemistry!


    1. I don’t know how anyone could NOT like Jim and Pam. I think they’re the sweetest. (My husband and I don’t have ALL of their traits… but he is funny and witty like Jim. Haha!)


  6. How dare you post a gif of Don Draper winking at me. I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED.

    Seriously though, mash Jim and Josh together and voila! World’s most perfect man.


    1. Oh Don…. He can be such a skeez… but when he’s at his best he’s mesmerizing. Just like that wink. I apologize for the ambush 😉

      A Jim/Josh mash-up is unheard of… It gives me goosebumps! Haha!


  7. To be honest I think every woman, even Slytherin ones like me, had a thing for the Weasley twins. They are just so funny. And I can’t really blame you on the young Magneto one either!


    1. Humor is such an attractive quality. The scene from the 5th film where they comfort the little boy after his blood quill detention with Umbridge?? SWOON.


  8. Two of my best friends relate to Jim and Pam. They met while working together while she was in a relationship with a guy who didn’t appreciate her. And we worked with a bunch of weirdos, though not on the same level as Dwight and some of The Office. They decided I would be Angela (I’m short and love cats) if I had to be anyone, but I protest.

    I’ve had a ton of fictional crushes… my first was probably Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains) back when I was a kid. Jess from Gilmore Girls is another crush that was very real, but that I don’t really identify with anymore. I definitely had a crush on Jim Halpert and probably always will.


    1. I’m giggling at your first crushes… Wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains for a second??
      That’s a cute little office romance! K and I met in the band world, though we have worked together in professional setting off and on through the years… but we don’t get along quite as well as Jim and Pam in a professional setting. Ha.


  9. I have a for real crush on Jim, not just the sense of humor, but everything! And John Krazinski in real life, if I’m being honest.

    I would say Michael and I are like Chandler and Monica becaaause I’m crazy neurotic and want everyone to like me, and Michael is constantly cracking jokes. BUT Michael is waaaay more confident than Chandler and not all self-deprecating.


    1. Oh man… Have you seen how totally fit and muscular he is for that movie they just released? He looks pretty darn good……
      No one has mentioned a “Friends” relationship- that’s a good one!


  10. hahaha love this! i never watched the office but i have seen things about jim & pam and they are adorable. i love pride & prejudice more than most things in life, but my husband and i are definitely not lizzie and darcy hahahaha. also, Michael Fassbender. yes.


    1. My husband and I are definitely not an Austen couple… haha 🙂 Ooooh, Michael Fassbender is just a beautiful human! Hahaha! Thanks for commenting, Kristen!


    1. When I tell people which twin I like they always ask how I could pick one over the other… but I think it’s quite obviously once I tell them why! Hahaha!


    1. I agree! Who doesn’t love those two?? I need to watch the newer seasons because I know they start to have some issues… but they are honestly just TOO perfect for one another 🙂


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