Valentine’s Day has come and gone…

K and I don’t make a big deal out of the holiday. I like getting a card with an “I love you” scrawled inside and he usually gets a pack of Twizzlers or a new coffee mug from me. (And then I steal the mug back…)


I’m a huge advocate of celebrating special days, but I also take notice when my husband does things through the normal day or week for me.

  • Every morning before he leaves for work he always comes around to my side of the bed and wakes me up and makes me promise that I’m going to get up soon and get ready for work. I HATE waking up. I hit the snooze button 1,841 times in the morning. But every morning my husband wakes me up and reminds me to get moving ❤︎
  • He knows my go-to order at Taco Bell  ❤︎
  • Whenever we’re gifted Starbucks gift cards he lets me have them all for myself ❤︎
  • He won’t watch The West Wing or The Mindy Project without me ❤︎
  • He downloaded Snap Chat when he was in Texas last November, just so I could send him quick photo updates of my day (even though he’s totally against the app and doesn’t use it to talk to anyone else) ❤︎


My Love Language is quality time, but “acts of service” is K’s first language. Keeping that in mind, when he does things for me, like waking me up every morning even though he hates doing it, I know he’s acting on his own love language to show me affection.

What are little things your significant other does for you that say, “I love you” without actually uttering those words? What actions in your daily routine let your s/o know that you care?



25 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Love those sweet gestures! One of the sweet things my husband does for me is makes my lunch EVERY day. Sweet love note and all(My primary love language is Words of Affirmation!). I make his tea every morning and evening. Sometimes it really is the little things that can make an impact!


    1. Aww, I love that, Elyse! I slip a little note into my husband’s toiletries bag or snack basket when he travels for business sometimes 🙂 It’s absolutely perfect that your l.l. is words of affirmation!!


  2. This is just the sweetest post.
    Acts of service is my love language too so I can appreciate the things that he does for you.
    I love the Starbucks one. My hubs used to do that too – until I got him hooked on Starbucks & now he’s like, “Dont you want to use your own card?” 🙂 haha


    1. Oh no!! My husband drinks Starbucks if we’re on a trip and I make him stop at the cafe or an airport kiosk, but typically I’m the one that sniffs it out and buys a drink on a shopping trip or solo road trip 🙂


  3. This is really sweet and I couldn’t agree more. We didn’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day but make it a habit to do things for one another all the time. Nice reminder of what’s important.


  4. Awhhh!!! He seems like such a sweet guy 🙂 My love language is totally quality time, too! But acts of service would also be awesome because you love those that you serve and he obviously LOVES you so much!! Also the beauty of gifts is us wives can always reap the benefits too haha aka cute mugs!



  5. Acts of service is huge for me, so I’m like giddy when Michael cleans or takes the dogs out for me or brings me something from the kitchen when I’m too lazy to walk three feet to get it myself haha! To me V-Day is just like another day. We had a pretty typical Sunday. I am kind of jealous you got to eat what you wanted and watch what you wanted. Times like that can be nice, especially now that Michael’s not eating gluten–I appreciate getting to eat whatever I want so much more!


    1. So much of our dating relationship was semi-long distance (he worked in Pittsburgh for a year, I went to college for 3 and a half years, I spent a month in India)… so sometimes those moments when I can be all alone again are kind of nice! Of course, by the end I’m ready to have my partner back 😉 Haha!


  6. i know that exact feeling. my girlfriend is a great gift giver, for example. she knows i love the x files tv show and bought me an x files t shirt for christmas. although i do agree that every day should be special, it’s nice to celebrate for no reason at all, especially on valentine’s day. // ▲ ▲


  7. oh my gosh this is adorable! my husband wakes me up too, but he turns the lights on haha so i get up and go to the gym. he also gives me all cash and gift cards which is nice as well 🙂


    1. Haha! K usually gives me a warning before turning the lights on, but he does that sometimes, too. I let him have all the Kohl’s cash- he’s got a shoe problem…. And we have this unspoken rule about restaurant gifts cards (except Starbucks) where we only use them if we’re together.


    1. I couldn’t believe it when he finally agreed to it! And I’m actually still shocked that he hasn’t deleted it, haha. I even snapped him some pictures of the dogs while he was gone last weekend 😀


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