Some bloggers plan their breaks and some go silent unexpectedly. Surprisingly, this time I have the foresight to announce my leave. I’ll be back in a week (with a post about what I read in Feb.!). Until then, go dig up an old post here or explore a new blog!

See you in a week! I’ll miss ya!


12 thoughts on “Just give me a minute…

  1. YOU MADE ME SO NERVOUS! Hahaha. I saw the preview on Bloglovin’ so I didn’t know your break was going to be a week. I thought it might be longer! I guess I can allow you a week. 😉 Ha! Enjoy your time off from the blog!


    1. Ohmygosh, you flatter me, girl! I’m sorry I’m making you another day… I promise I have Tuesday’s post all ready to go! I’m glad to be back in the swing of things!


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